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Advanced Compliance Reporting (ACR) generates XML files for Colombia Magnetic Media reports based on the configuration and transactions (journal entries) stored in SAP S/4HANA. The structure validation of these files is done as per the definitions of the XSD file provided by DIAN, the fiscal authority in Colombia.

DIAN does not only verify if the file structure is correct but also makes other business verifications to validate if the reported information is correct. You can check these verifications using the pre-validator excel file that is provided by DIAN in this link.

This guide helps you to upload the XML files generated with ACR to the DIAN pre-validator, so that you’re able to make any adjustment or completion of data. This way, you can check if everything is fine with business verifications before you submit files to DIAN.

Updating files to DIAN pre-validator

  1. Download the pre-validator from DIAN website through this link.

  2. After you have downloaded and installed the pre-validator, specify a report format and choose Ir al formato.

  3. After a new screen is loaded, choose Cargar XML to upload the XML file.

  4. After you have the file from your local desktop chosen, choose OK to load the registers.

  5. On this step, make modifications or add data if necessary, and validate the data by choosing Generar XML.

  6. If there are validation issues, messages will appear on your screen as pop-ups. If everything is correct, a new XML file is generated successfully.

Done! That’s how you have your XML files validated through DIAN pre-validator before you formally send the files to DIAN.

If you have additional questions about this process, feel free to add them in the comments below and we’ll be happy to help you.

If you have doubts about Magnetic Media reports, see our FAQ SAP Note.

Want to know more about the Magnetic Media reports in ACR? See Magnetic Media (https://help.sap.com/viewer/s4h_op_colombia) in the SAP Help Portal.

Remember that just as this blog post that you’re reading, there are also others here in SAP Community about magnetic media specific topics. You can find them by checking the posts published under the Advanced Compliance Reporting tag.

Getting Support

If you need support from SAP about Magnetic Media reports, report an incident in SAP Support Portal, under the FI-LOC-FI-CO component – this is the specific component for financial reporting topics for Colombia.

Until the next post,