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Hello everyone,

We constantly work to provide improvements to our legal reports that are released via SAP Notes or Support Package. To help you implement our SAP Notes, or even just to clarify some important points, we have created a Frequently Asked Questions Note as a guide.

In this blog post, we will present to you our SAP Note regarding frequently asked questions and recommendations about Document and Reporting Compliance – Magnetic Media for Colombia.

In this post we will go through:

  • An overview of the FAQ Note.

  • Where you can find questions and answers.

  • SAP Notes Implementation guide.


FAQ Note overview

The FAQ Note serves as a guide for you to implement the Magnetic Media solution via SAP Notes. Also, if you get the solution through Support Package, you can find additional SAP Notes related to your version.


Questions and answers

Right on the top of the page, you can find the section Symptom with frequently asked questions, they are all numbered so it is easier to find their corresponding answer.


Then, right below, at the section Solution are the answers. To find the answer you are looking for,  search for the same number of the question.


 In case you are interested in question number 12, look for the answer with the same number. As seen on the image below.

The Q stands for question and A for answer.


Implementation notes

The SAP Notes are the last item on the page, you can find them below the questions and answers section. They are arranged in ascending order, the same implementation order . Remember to check if the note you are implementing does not have a pre or post implementation step.

The yellow arrow in the image indicates the implementation order to be followed by you.


There are two prerequisites for implementing SAP Notes:


More information

To check the Frequently Asked Questions and Recommendations for Magnetic Media (Colombia) visit 2717885 - DRC - Magnetic Media: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Recommendations - SAP ONE Suppo...

For more information about Magnetic Media, visit the report documentation in Magnetic Media | SAP Help Portal

For information regarding the Basic Prerequisites for Using SAP S/4HANA Magnetic Media Compliance Reports, check 3128041 - DRC - Magnetic Media: Basic Prerequisites for Using SAP S/4HANA Magnetic Media Compliance ...