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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
This document contains a collection of answers to the common questions related to the localization of SAP Business ByDesign which I have got and answered during the past years. As the number of partners, customers and prospects keeps growing and questions arise on localization, the answers below may help our Localization community.

The full FAQ is posted in Localization Toolkit site recently created in PartnerEdge.  I will add additional question in the next version out Localization team interaction with you. As during my past blogs, I encourage our ecosystem to use SAP JAM Localization page for more specific country feature questions.


What are the key localization requests- from a customer perspective- and why did introduce such localization concept?

SAP provides standard localization for selected countries. Currently, 21 countries are offered as standard by SAP Business ByDesign. However, we have several customers with the need to run the system in multiple countries other than the 21 available. Thus, SAP has introduced the concept of localization services provided as the Localization Toolkit.  The toolkit enables you to the extend or adapt the standard solution of SAP Business ByDesign for a customer-specific process or provide a locally-compliant solution in countries where a localized SAP country version is not available.

What is the scope of localization features by country in SAP Business ByDesign?

SAP localization is mainly focused on delivering country-specific compliance relevant legal content. Additionally, SAP also considers localization requirements requested by multiple customers in a certain industry.

You can find the country overview including the different categories available in the SAP ByDesign Localization List (published in the SAP Localization JAM group).

Where do I get additional information about localization in SAP Business ByDesign?

We leverage different communication channels to accomplish effective communication for public and internal target groups. Thus, for public information about Localization Features we advise you to check Globalization capabilities on sap.com, our roadmap on sap.com or the help portal.

In addition, we have also created an SAP Business ByDesign Localization Community and Partner Edge to deliver internal information relevant for customers, partners and SAP teams.

Where do I find the scope of SAP standard local versions?

The scope of SAP standard local versions are available in the Business Configuration as part of the SAP Business ByDesign system.

How do you differentiate a tax basic from a pre-localized local version?

Tax Basic Country includes minimum enablement by SAP. Some of the basic tax events and tax codes are made available by SAP. The generic tax return is enabled for tax basic countries.  A tax basic country also covers some very basic scenarios like domestic sales and purchases, export and import, and reverse charge. For the taxable countries, there is a standard and a zero VAT rate available

Pre-localized local version can be scoped and SAP offers partial localization features. It is an enhancement of tax basic countries. The content delivered differs for each country, but it is mainly in the area of taxes, customer facing forms and sometimes country specifics.

You can find a complete country overview including the different categories in the SAP ByDesign Localization List (published in the SAP Business ByDesign Localization JAM group).

What is the fee for the use of additional SAP standard local versions?

As a customer, you are entitled to use 3 SAP ByD  country versions. However, for each additional standard country version a localization fee of 800 €/month is applicable. This fee is applicable only for the 21 standard SAP country versions released in SAP Business ByDesign AND if the country is scoped and Accounting Documents posted ( >10 in the last month).

How does SAP support partner enablement for localization?

SAP has set up a specific program to enable partners with their localization projects. You can check the program details at Partner Edge Build or register at the SAP ByDesign Localization JAM group to gain access to a specific enablement. For access, please get in touch with your contact at SAP.

What is the scope for the partners led localization?

Enabling a country for a particular customer or subsidiary is typically easier than implementing a standard country localization. Not all local regulations have to be determined and implemented, but only those concerning the subset of business processes that the customer or subsidiary require.

Partner led local versions are technical add-ons built using the Cloud Application Studio (namely either Multiple Customer Solutions or Customer Specific Solutions) to fulfil  specific local requirements

What is the add-on definition in SAP Business ByDesign?

Add-on Partner Solution(s) is a Partner Solution, which runs on an SAP Cloud Solution and provides additional functionality created using the Cloud Application Studio and based on SAP Cloud Solution script.

What is the SAP support model of a partner led country localization?

Any support and maintenance of Partner Solutions for customers is subject to the terms and conditions between Partner and the customer. Nevertheless, Partner and SAP agree to establish collaboration processes for support engagement and case management in order to deliver the highest quality of service to joint customers.

Will SAP guarantee not build an SAP standard  local version if one or more partners already built partner-localized versions?

SAP may reserve the option to deliver a new standard country version or a pre-localized version as part of the product strategy decision. For more information, please refer to the SAP Business ByDesign product Roadmap

What is SAP’s recommendation to customers in case of partner led localization is delivered by multiple Partners?

This is a customer decision and SAP will not recommend any specific partner to the customers. However, SAP can help to provide an overview with the country localization list available in the Localization Jam page

Does SAP charge for any partner led localizations?

There is no additional customer fee charge by SAP for any localizations delivered by Partners

As a Reseller partner, which is the collaboration model I may enter if existing partners offer a country version?

SAP is not involved in any collaboration and commercial model between partners. However, there are several examples of localization partner experts with Resellers in place