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Since its early days, SAP Business ByDesign has relied on the partner ecosystem to increase the reach of our cloud ERP solution or make it more attractive for customers. This is being one of the pillars for the SAP ByD strategy over years, achieved by either consuming our SAP ByD APIs or leveraging ByD technology (e.g. Key User Tool or Cloud Applications Studio) to accomplish extension or new applications.

The growing SAP ByD customer adoption is reflected in the increasing number of countries and regions, where our customers run their operations. This is due to several factors mentioned above but also thanks to our growing partner ecosystem expertise. We started with a few partners in 2015 and now we count around 100 partners selling and implementing in non-localized countries, and about 20 partner offering country add-ons.

What are the main use cases, in which the SAP ByD ecosystem for localization is active? The ones below are the most common ones, when it comes to localization effort.

  • Non-localized countries enhancements. Partner usage of the Localization toolkit or Language Adaptation tool

  • Portfolio driven scenarios with partners like Instrastat

  • 3rd party partner (Independent Software Vendors/ISV) integration enhancing SAP ByD basic features such as bank transfer, payments or US sales tax calculation

  • Customer specific industry legal feature like EcoTax for France

Let me go into more detail:

  • Non-localized country enhancements

As explained in a more specific blog about Pre-localized countries, customers and/or partners need to leverage the Localization Toolkit to extend or adapt the SAP Business ByDesign capabilities in order to provide a locally-compliant solution for any of the countries which are none localized by SAP. The Language Adaptation tool for translation to local language, may complement the localization. This model relies on partner apps or services associated and it helps customers to run ByD subsidiaries in countries beyond our standard localized countries at their own speed.

Let me pick an example developed by Netizen for Thailand add-on, reflects partner innovation of specific country features like billing statement, payment receipt, Thai style from templates, supplier tax information or stock card report. Thus, customers can leverage Netizen Arabica: Thailand Localization to run locally SAP Business ByDesign. More details about Netizen Arabica is posted into SAP App Center.

In the same line, Seidor Colombian Localization add-on, complies with tax requirement, Exogena information for legal reports, tax certificates allowing local and international customers to run compliant its companies in Colombia. More details about Seidor Colombia localization is posted into SAP App Center


  • Portfolio driven scenarios with partners.

There are a few cases in localization related scenarios, where the decision is taken on purpose to choose a partner driven approach. In this case, there is a close collaboration between SAP ByD product management/development and the partners.

For example, with Intrastat for European countries we follow this approach. Intrastat declarations are periodical declarations on trade within the European Union (EU) regarding both dispatches and arrivals, to be submitted directly by respondents in EU Member States to the statistical authorities of their country.

We have many cases in which our partners support this scenario as part of our customer roll-out to several European countries. For instance, the partner In Cloud Solution with their add-on Intrastat declaration posted in SAP Appcenter (see screenshot below). This innovative solution delivers calculations and reports (e.g. ship-from and ship-to), country-specific file formats embedded in solution or reporting features (e.g. intracompany goods-movement) helping to maintain compliance.

  • ISV integration enhancing SAP ByD

Many 3rd party software providers take advantage of the ByD openness with its many APIs published at help.sap.com ( partner integration scenarios ).

One of the latest partnerships, we have worked on, is with Treasury Intelligence System (TIS). The pre-integrated scenario of TIS and SAP ByD enables full control over the cash management process reducing risks and increasing efficiencies by taking advantage of a comprehensive global library of banking formats, extremely easy integration into ERP systems, and a strong community

TIS coverage of payment formats is over 80 countries and 120 currencies allow the user to resolve main international challenges for an efficient purchase to pay processes and ease order to cash reconciliation. See picture below


  • Customer or country specific industry legal feature

SAP ByD is running on 20 different industries going beyond the sweet spot of the business processes initially designed for Professional Services or Whole Sale Distribution. Sometimes, if a feature is related to industry specific legal requirements, we ask partners to step in. The product is focused to deliver the most common legal requirements of the country, and we may well reject to develop ourselves and deploy as standard features. If that situation occurs, we look at the relevant operational data is available, so customers can fulfill their compliant obligations with local tax authorities.

I have picked some examples to illustrate this use case, but many more are implemented by customers.

  • EcoTax Management for France: Snap International add-on allows to assign the ecotax type to the material (product) and assign the specific ecotax types and rates. It covers Order-to-Cash business scenarios including customer returns, Third-Party Order Processing, EDI and the extension of the affected print forms. Check our further details SNAP International published at SAP Appcenter

  • Automated Exchange Rate Import: This All for One Steeb add-on, automatically imports exchange rates from certain sources (e.g. European Central Bank) into your Business ByDesign system. Thus, it improves your employee time, avoiding manual data transfers and keeping the exchange rates current at all times, preventing transmission errors. Check our further details All for One Steeb published at SAP appcenter

  • Sales and Use Tax calculation automation: This integration by Vertex connect SAP Business ByDesign for accurate sales and use tax calculations on every transaction taking advantage of features like real-time tax calculation, most up to date tax rates and rules or generation signature ready PDF returns. Check out further details Vertex Cloud published at SAP App Center


As started by end of 2019, I will increase public information about SAP ByD partner solutions and emphasize their value to our localization but also to vertical scenarios. As of now, you may expect not only from our ecosystem of partners to publish some selection of their innovation into SAP Store, check also the SAP ByD by apllication area site and get latest on partner innovation roadmap details into this blog.

Last but not least, check out the updated information in December 2019 about of SAP ByD country version list posted in the SAP JAM Localization group, including new partner country solutions for Finland, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan or Philippines.