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-- Updated November 2022:

With every upcoming release of SAP S/4HANA, SAP brings many new features and simplifications for customers, so customers are encouraged to always upgrade to the latest release.

One important part in the planning of the upgrade, is to check the status of all deployed ABAP Add-Ons in the system. Because for every Add-On, customer must know, if it’s supported for the new release, and if/what additional package is needed for the Add-On. For Add-Ons provided by SAP or sold through SAP’s pricelist, customer can directly request the status and necessary packages from SAP. Otherwise, Add-On solutions are provided by independent 3rd party software vendors or partners, and SAP is not responsible for these Add-Ons.

In this case, it’s mandatory that the customer checks with the software vendor regarding the status of the Add-On and needed packages. Additionally, customer should check if 3rd party Add-On is certified for the target SAP S/4HANA release, as this gives confirmation, that the Add-On supports the new SAP release and the upgrade will run smoothly.

Please find below some links that directly lead into the SAP Certified Solutions Directory. You can find a filtered list of certified ABAP Add-Ons, for every release of SAP S/4HANA. With every new certification, the list is updated automatically:


You can click on any entry in the list to get more details of the certified solution, and for which SAP versions it is certified:


In the Certified Solutions Directory, there's also a table view available, where you can see which Add-On is certified for which SAP S/4HANA release quickly:


Please remember: Also for certified Add-Ons, customer must contact the Add-On provider, to see which additional package is needed to enable the conversion or upgrade.
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