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“How do you gain exposure to potential sources before performing detailed evaluation of the suitability of each?” Max Bowie asked Monday in Waters Technology. “For many years, SIFMA fulfilled this role.”

SIFMA Tech Expo 2012 06-19-12-AAnd SIFMA Tech Expos are still a venue in which data and technology vendors can get to know other players and meet new customers, Bowie noted.

This week’s SIFMA Tech Expo 2012 will also draw securities firms, banks and asset managers, as well as those engaged in data management and social media compliance. The whole thing kicks off Tuesday in Manhattan, and Sybase will be there to discuss risk aggregation, unstructured data analytics, seeking alpha with Big Data and more.

Let the Data Games Begin

Sybase’s Keith Wood will be among the experts and partners on hand. His demonstration, “The Hunt for Alpha,” will cover Sybase RAP -- The Trading Edition’s ability to process up to 3 million records per second without a proprietary database, as well as SAP HANA’s capacity to store raw tick data and create regular time series at user-defined intervals on the fly.

Liquidity risk analytics are among HANA’s internal user-defined features that Wood will exhibit. Wood, author of the risk aggregation cover story of Sybase’s Q3 2011 Financial Services Viewpoint, will also talk about HANA’s text analytics, which can process full-text news stories.

SIFMA Tech Expo 2012 06-19-12-BMedia articles, sentiment analysis and additional forms of unstructured data have become priorities for the financial services industry, as well as other fields. Unstructured data gathered during the 2012 Olympics will contribute to safety this summer, as well as marketing and planning of future events.

“Authorities will be keeping track of social networks and the video feeds from the many CCTV cameras around the sport venues and the city for security purposes,” Sybase CTO Irfan Khan blogged last week. “There are reports that authorities will apply facial recognition technology to preempt trouble by identifying in advance known criminals from pickpockets to terrorists.”

Olympic officials and sponsors can evaluate successes and failures of the London games based on collected unstructured data, according to Khan. Analyzing tweets, status updates and the like about restrooms, vendors, wireless access and more will likely be a bonanza for planners of future games.

Pillars of the Developer Community

SIFMA Tech Expo 2012 06-19-12-CBack here in the present, adjacent to Wood at SIFMA Tech Expo 2012, two Sybase experts and a partner will demonstrate a new application on Sybase Aleri Event Stream Processor (ESP). “Develop Streaming Apps in a Flash” will explore the benefits of stream processing technology to future applications and the open aspect of an ESP customer community.

Sybase will also showcase third-party offerings that enhance the value of SAP/Sybase securities industries solutions. These include products and technology from key partners, such as Deloitte, Panopticon and Quantia Analytics.

“Sybase’s booth makes room for key partners among smaller vendors, to allow them to gain exposure through their relationship with Sybase, while smaller vendors ... are exhibiting side-by-side to show off a new partnership,” Waters Technology’s Bowie said. “It’s this spirit of partnership that should prevail around SIFMA.”

The SIFMA Tech Expo 2012 runs Tuesday and Wednesday at the Hilton New York.