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1. Self-Learning-> This step can provide you more knowledge before you any encounter trouble.

a. Use in app options such as field help or embedded help

Field Help or embedded help could exist in your application surface(sidebar) or SSCUI configuration help, this can directly give you guidance of concrete operations/restrictions.

b. Check “What’s New Viewer” – SAP Help portal or Support by Product pages

After each upgrade, please check the changes or new features we provided in “What’s New Viewer”, so that you may be more familiar with new functionalities and less concern in some updates.

“Support by Product Pages” then have more information on product, and how we can support you in everywhere.

c. Check Tutorials - SAP User Enablement Blog

User Enablement Tutorials are recommended especially the new users entering SAP environment from customer side. For each release we have detailed guide updated.

2. Extensive search-> This step happens when you encounter trouble.

a. SAP ONE Support Launchpad and leveraging the SAP Knowledge Base Articles

SAP ONE Support Launchpad is so strong that you can find many qualified answers to your How-To questions for many times, there are already plenty of KBA notes existing for customer FAQ and usually this will also be a good resource for our ticket processing. So try it out with keywords before you raised a ticket, could save you much time!

b. Guided Answers

There are more structural answers here. Every frequently asked question& answer built with understandable questions and with the step-by-step question, you’ll finally receive answers to specific questions.

3. Community-> This step needed when you cannot find a good answer in previous search

SAP S/4HANA Cloud Customer: The Community is a private channel focused on end user content, best practices and Q&A for S/4HANA Cloud Product, we recommend this platform for raising your consulting/How-To questions in Open Questions or Blogs.

Other Community: SAP Community

4. Feature Request-> This step is for missing functionality or enhancement

Please contact your CSM/CEE and raise a request on SAP Customer Influence if you find above resource cannot resolve your problems.

5. More Tools-> Explore and Implement your solution

SAP Best Practice Explorer: BP explorer provided you an overview of SAP best practice portfolio and you can find the suitable solution for your business scenarios as your preference.

SAP Activate Roadmap Viewer: To provide access to SAP Activate methodology implementation roadmaps. Implementation roadmaps offer a comprehensive view of your project teams' associated activities, deliverables, and tasks with accompanying accelerator assets in document and hyperlink format.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud Solution Roadmap: SAP S/4HANA road maps provide insights into the near-term investments across intelligent ERP that may help you plan and implement your digital journey.

1. 自学-> 适用于遇到问题前储备更多知识

a. 使用应用中的字段帮助或嵌入式帮助

在应用程序交互界面(侧边栏)或 SSCUI 配置帮助中的字段帮助或嵌入式帮助可以为您提供详细操作步骤,或说明具体操作限制。

b. 查看“What’s New Viewer” – SAP Help portal 或者 Support by Product pages

每次升级后,请查看我们在“What’s New Viewer”上更新的改动或新功能,从而更熟悉新功能,减少对某些更新的问题。

“Support by Product Pages” 有更多关于产品的信息,以及我们如何能在各个方面为您提供支持。

c. 查看教程 - SAP User Enablement Blog

对于客户端新接触SAP 环境的用户,我们特别推荐User Enablement Tutorials。每个新版本都更新了详细指南。

2. 深度搜索->适用于遇到问题时使用

a. SAP ONE Support Launchpad 并使用the SAP Knowledge Base Articles

SAP ONE Support Launchpad 功能强大,客户通常可以在该网页上找到许多解决如何操作的高质量问题。平台上已经有大量针对客户常见问题的KBA 注释,这也是我们通常处理客户问题的一个重要资源。所以在报告ticket之前先在该平台上进行关键字检索,可以节省许多时间。

b. Guided Answers


3. 社区-> 适用于之前搜索中没有找到合适回答的情况

SAP S/4HANA Cloud Customer: 社区是一个重点关注S/4HANA Cloud产品相关最终用户内容、最佳实践和问答的个人渠道。我们推荐您在这一平台的Open Questions Blogs 板块进行咨询或提出关于操作方法的问题。

其他社区:SAP Community

4. 请求功能->适用于功能缺失或功能增强

如果您发现上述资源无法解决您的问题,请联系您的CSM/CEE 并向 SAP Customer Influence 提出要求。

5. 更多工具->探索并实施您的解决方案

SAP Best Practice Explorer: BP explorer 让您能够全面了解SAP 最佳实践,您可以在这里找到适合您商业场景的合适解决方案。

SAP Activate Roadmap Viewer:可通过该网站访问SAP Activate 方法实施路线图。通过文档和超链接,实施路线图能让您全面了解您项目团队的相关活动、交付内容和任务附带的加速器资产。

SAP S/4HANA Cloud Solution Roadmap: SAP S/4HANA 路线图提供了智能 ERP 全方位的近期投资分析,这些分析可帮助您计划和实施自己的数字化旅程。