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This blog post is part of a series of related blog posts highlighting the enhancements to address the handling of landed costs.

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This blog explains the implications of changes to the purchase order for the landed cost feature.


For the landed costs feature, a change of the material net value and the landed cost amount per component in the purchase order will have an impact on the following processes:

Goods receipt

When posting an inbound delivery item, the most recent landed cost component amounts in the purchase order are always used to calculate the amounts posted in financials. If there is a change in the landed cost component - such as a change in the landed cost amount, or a landed cost component is added or removed - any new inbound delivery would be posted with the newest landed cost component amount of the purchase order.

The changes in the purchase order do not have an impact on pre-existing inbound deliveries.

If an adjustment confirmation is executed, the current cost component amounts from the purchase order are considered. More details can be found in the Changes of the goods receipt blog.

If a return to the supplier is executed, also the current cost component amount is considered. More details can be found in the Impact on return to supplier blog.

Landed Cost Allocation

When creating an allocation, and having chosen to distribute the landed cost invoice amount to the inbound delivery items based on the item net value, the current material net values from the purchase order are always considered.

If you save an allocation in preparation and then the material net value is changed, the system distributes the landed cost amount proportionally according to the updated material net values before release. If there is a manual change in the distribution made by the user, the system will not automatically distribute to this line again; instead, the system will raise an error if the distributed landed cost amount does not meet the landed cost invoice item amount.

If you have already released an allocation, then the change to the material net value does not have an impact on the distribution anymore. You must cancel the existing allocation and create a new allocation in case the changed net item values should be used as a basis for distributing the landed cost invoice item amount.

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