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In this blog post you will get to know about Issues and recommendation related to Workflow for sales document having Purchase Requisition (PR) of text items.

Usually in sales process workflow is triggered for approval process, however few issues are identified in workflow to be taken care while design of such workflows. it is observed that below are the common issues faced by customers in workflows

Ø Workflow issue when sales order is created that triggers PR of text item (NLAG)

Ø Change in Approved sales order - Workflow not triggered post approval

Blog Applicability

SAP S/4HANA Cloud Release


Target Audience

Business Users, Key Users, Consultants

Target Industry


Business benefit

· Faster resolution or to avoid workflow related issue

· Ease of monitoring, know workflows issues can be managed

· How to withdraw workflow that are not approved

Issue details

Ø Workflow issue when sales order is created that triggers PR of text item (NLAG)

Workflow is setup for the process wherein Auto PR is created with sales order creation

Here system ask to update the details related to PR creation, but user press exit button twice to quit and the sales order is created without the PR, saved with in-completion log.

Here valuation price is not entered, as it is text item and updating the price in material master is not required, as it will trigger wrong accounting

Now the problem is, sales order trigger the approval with incomplete log - Missing item requisition, user try to withdraw the workflow but can’t withdraw because of error and order is stuck.

Error as shown

Solution / Recommendation

Sales Document with Purchase requisition (PR) case for text item should be avoided till the time we have a solution for the same or solution for sales order can’t be saved without Purchase requisition, to avoid such issues.

Cloud Badi implementation where you set the approval reason now to check if there exists any item (passed in the importing parameter SALESDOCUMENTITEM with the material id belonging to NLAG category).

If item found, don’t fill the order reason for approval.

Once the Badi is adjusted then you could create sales orders for NLAG materials without valuation price. That will not go for approval process for such order.

Issue details

Ø Change in Approved sales order - Workflow not triggered post approval

Here is the sales order is created and approved also.

Now user change the same sales order, let say change in quantity


Change quantity 1 to 10, it will trigger the workflow again – in approval

But when checked, I don’t receive the workflow in my inbox.

Solution / Recommendation

This is standard behavior as of now.

SAP does not recommended changes to approved documents. See documentation link

However, in case the sales order is withdraw before the approval itself, in that case also the workflow in not updated in inbox.


Create Sales order using app – create sales order

Now check the inbox, it is available

Now withdraw the same before the approval.

In app manage sale order - Choose Menu Edit --> Additional Functions --> Withdraw Approval Request

Once click on withdraw option, system will ask for continue with message as show

Now change the sales order and save it

update change and save

Now check the Sales order in inbox, order is not available

Solution: hot fix is provided already to fix the same .

Post that sales order is visible in inbox (order which are not approved and reworked à Will update in app Inbox for approval)

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