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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Note 2076455 was created to correct a program error for customer using DIMP, however this note caused a side-effect that causes an error when a goods receipt is posted for a batch, for example, durign a confirmtion on transactions CO11N, CO15, using BAPIS BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_HDR or BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_TT or direclty on MM using transaction MIGO.

After the implementation of note 2076455, when a goods receipt is posted for a batch, the classification data may be lost and the error message below may be triggered when trying to post any goods movement for this batch:

The characteristic values for the batch are incomplete

Message no. LB045


The class  contains mandatory characteristics to which values have not been assigned.

System Response

Depending on the system setting, the system issues either a warning or an error message.

  • If the message is a warning (W), the system will accept your entry, but simultaneously issues a warning to prevent you from making the wrong entry.
  • If the message is an error message (E), the system will not accept your entry.

If you do not assign values to the mandatory characteristics, the entire classification is stored if no error message has been displayed.


Go to batch classification again, and assign all required values to the characteristics.

NOTE: This error only occurs if the business function set DIMP is active on your system!

This issue may cause seriuos problems, as the batch classification is widely used by many different application areas and a correction for this issue is delivered on the following note:

2112237 - MIGO : Error in batch classification. Missed values of characteristics

Note 2076455, which causes this error was introduced on the following support packages and if you are running any of these support packages or planning an upgrade, note 2112237 should be implemented as well, to prevent this issue:

Software ComponentReleaseSupport Package

Please observe that note 2112237 does not correct the classification of existing batches. It will only prevent this error to happen again on your system.