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We are happy to announce the general availability of the Investigative Case Management (ICM) on SAP S/4HANA OP release 1909 FPS00. Below blog post gives the highlights of the product features.




The Investigative Case Management (ICM) was built to support full spectrum of investigation processes for any law enforcement authorities, intelligence organizations or similar institutions to assist with their investigations. The ICM solution is founded on SAP Business Suite CRM. The solution reused standard business objects like products, business partner, activity management, Case management etc. It is used by many customers around the world.


In the interest of modernizing the product for future sustainable roadmaps and to enable value added innovations, ICM has been moved to SAP S/4HANA, SAP’s intelligent ERP. With this, ICM customers could take advantage of everything the SAP’s new digital core has to offer.





Primary objective of the new ICM for SAP S/4HANA is the ‘feature parity’ with respect to its predecessor from the business suite. Additionally, the ICM on S/HANA enriches this by modern principles like simplification, following Fiori principles for UI, CDS (Core Data Service) views and OData, complete DPP compliance, unified document repository etc. Below sections elaborate these more.


Fiori and Visual Harmonized Web UI

 Two new Fiori apps are built to represent ICM Locations and ICM Objects. These are built using Fiori-elements (formally known as Fiori-templates). They include annotation rich CDS views and OData services underneath. Other applications like Case, Lead, Person, Org, Activity and Incident are reworked according to Fiori guidelines with a new harmonized UI. All the applications are brought together as apps under one business role in Fiori Launch Pad (FLP). All interactions and navigations between Fiori and Web UI applications have been made seamless so that user does not feel the difference.


Two ICM entities ICM Location and ICM Object were built on individual product framework in the business suite. Following the ‘principle of one’ in S/4HANA, the individual product framework is deprecated. Hence, the two entities for ICM have been remodeled in a lean way. ICM person and Org is based on a simplified S/4HANA business partner data model. ICM activity and Incident follows the simplified and remodeled one order in S/4HANA.

Hence ICM for S/4HANA represents a lot of simplification in its data model but efficient in its processing.

Stateless Application Paradigm and DRAFT enabled

New Fiori apps are DRAFT enabled stateless applications. This brings all the advantages like less complex service without server-side synchronization, improved scalability etc. Every update is captured and persisted in temporary DRAFT tables. This allows users to carry on the work in their own pace without any loss of data. The application makes use of the BOPF framework to implement the modifications, validations and other application logics.

Unified Document Management solution

The new ICM for S/4HANA solves the heterogeneous document repository problem of its predecessor solution on business suite by efficiently making use of S/4HANA Document Management Solution (DMS) for all its documents handling. All the attachments in all the ICM entities and Investigative Records under Case management are redirected to DMS. This streamlines the document repository for customers in one place and allows endless opportunities with search features.

Secure and DPP Compliant

 Investigative Case Management under public security domain represents the regulated industry sector. Hence it is our prime focus in ICM to comply with all the relevant regulatory standards. ICM has been validated as DPP compliant with additional tools made available for ICM customers to address all dimensions of security susceptibility.

The new security measure includes DCL (Data Control Language) views for data access, fully validated SU22 recommendations, role based FLP, static checks at API level, special security level and hidden capability, relationship expunge feature, person anonymizing etc. In addition, archiving objects for all entities, Read Access Log (RAL) for all different access channels, inbuilt change log feature across entities, personalized Information Retrieval Framework (IRF) models for all sensitive data, special expunge based deletion of person, complete list black listed authorization objects for better user management (SUIM) handling, ICM assisted work load analysis (STAD) etc. These will help customers to run a robust and secure investigation repository system.

 CDS Based Enterprise Search (ES)

ICM for S/4HANA delivers CDS based Enterprise Search (ES) models and connectors to enable the search across entities. These help users to search for any entity based on chosen key attributes as well as attached documents. Additionally, it supports fuzzy search so that other variants of user input spellings are considered for search.

The product features many more highlights like key user extensibility for all entities, category-based extension in location and object entities, new CDS hierarchy-based category hierarchy view etc.

For More Information:

Help Portal: https://help.sap.com/viewer/2240005993f2429088e42085ebf697c5/1909.000/en-US/549d951cb1314494be99b367...

Feature Scope link: https://help.sap.com/doc/e2048712f0ab45e791e6d15ba5e20c68/1909.000/en-US/FSD_OP1909.pdf

Security Guide: https://help.sap.com/doc/d7c2c95f2ed2402c9efa2f58f7c233ec/1909.000/en-US/SEC_OP1909.pdf