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In-warehouse quantities on the Count Date of inventory counting and posting documents can be calculated according to two calculation methods:

  • Creation dates of related transactions - this method calculates all transactions created till the specified count date and time according to the transactions' create date. Using this method will always calculate the same 'In-Whse-Qty on Count Date'
  • Posting dates of relevant transactions - this method calculates all transactions created till the specified count date end of day according to the transactions' posting date. Using this method may display different  calculated quantity in 'In-Whse-Qty on Count Date' field according to documents added after selected count date with earlier posting date than the count date, or documents added before selected count date with a later posting date compare to the selected count date

To define the method to calculate 'In-Whse Qty on Count Date'  choose Administration > System Initialization > Document Settings > Per Document tab and select either Inventory Counting or Inventory Posting from the Document dropdown list,  in 'Calculate In-Whse Qty on Count Date Based On' you can select either:

  • Transactions' Creation Dates
  • Transactions' Posting Dates

This setting must be identical in both Inventory Counting and Inventory Posting documents, and can be changed only if there is no open counting document.

The system default value is 'Transactions' Creation Date'


Inventory Counting 'Count Date' is 31.12.15

Inventory TransactionCreate DatePosting Date
Inbound  QTY    +1528.12.1528.12.15
Inbound QTY     +1030.12.1530.12.15
Inbound QTY     +201.01.1631.12.15

In-Whse Qty on Count Date based on Transactions Creation Dates is 25 (the transaction from 01.01.16 should not be considered)

In-Whse Qty on Count Date based on Transactions Posting Dates is 27 (the transaction from 01.01.16 should be considered)

If you select the Transactions' Posting Dates option, the in-warehouse quantities on the Count Date will be calculated according to the transactions' Posting Dates, regardless of their creation dates.

If the Posting Date of a transaction and the Count Date fall on the same day, inventory changes caused by the transaction are included in the calculation of the in-warehouse quantities. In addition to this, the following changes take place:

  • The Time field on both documents is not available for use, and you cannot record the time you begin counting.
  • The system asks whether you want to recalculate in-warehouse quantities on the Count Date when you:
    • Re-open an Inventory Counting document before it is posted or closed manually.
    • Create an inventory Posting document by copying data from Inventory Counting documents.

If you agree to recalculate the in-warehouse quantities on the Count Date, the following information is recalculated as well: Serial and Batch information, UoM information and Inventory Variances. Note that in the second scenario, data in the base Inventory Counting documents will not be updated.