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A blog by Sophie Sheppard, SAP SuccessFactors GTM Comms and Engagement Lead

After the success of our first Upgrade2Success openSAP online course, which had over 6,000 subscribers, the great news is - we have decided to create a new updated course, the following article provides some more information on it.

The course, ‘Upgrade2Success – Mastering the HCM Migration,’ is a free course designed for all on-premise SAP ERP Human Capital Management customers. You can check out our Teaser video here, and  register here. The course will start on November 13th.

About Upgrade2Success

To add some context - this course is brought to you as part of the Upgrade2Success program, this is an initiative designed to empower on-premise SAP ERP HCM customers as they consider, plan for, and ultimately make the move to the Cloud and SAP SuccessFactors solutions. It brings together all the expertise, tools, templates, and resources to make your HR digital transformation easier. For more general info and resources from the program visit the Resource Centre.

The Benefits of attending ‘Upgrade2Success – Mastering HCM Migration,’ explained by our Course Leader Wim Valstar

I interviewed Wim Valstar, course leader and global program expert for Upgrade2Success at SAP SuccessFactors, to learn more about the latest openSAP course.

Hi Wim! Can you tell us please what we can expect from this course? What pressing need does it address, or key questions does it answer?

Our first introductory Upgrade2Success course, “Upgrade2Success – Making SAP ERP HCM Migration Easier,” was very well received with over 6,000 subscribers from right around the globe.

Our new course came about as a follow-up offering greater depth and breadth on this important topic. Based on feedback from our learners, we decided to create a new course that goes into more detail on the specific tools we’d covered and to enlist subject matter experts to do a deeper dive into a number of the most important aspects of Digital Transformation.

I think as a business we are also seeing more and more people in the “cloud mindset.” People who were uncertain last year, are beginning to solidify their digital transformation plans.  Many of our customers are reporting that there’s now both a push and a pull to the cloud as more of their own customers and employees demand better experiences. The move to the cloud is a logical one for HXM (Human Experience Management), so our customers need to know how to get there successfully.

What’s the course structure?

The course is spread out over a three week period with five to six units being released per week. Learners can take each unit whenever it works for them but the whole course must be completed within three weeks to receive the complementary certificate.  Each unit takes 15-20 minutes to watch the video and read materials, followed by a couple of test questions at the end. The overall course will also include a final test once learners have completed all the units. If they complete the course within three weeks, and answer the final questions correctly, they will receive a certificate of completion.

There is also an online forum available throughout the course, so learners can speak with the subject matter experts who are presenting the units and ask questions.

What happens if I join the course late?

You can enroll any time starting now. After the three-week deadline, you can still take the course, and the forum is still available, but the experts will not be monitoring it.

How does it differ from the last course?

If you think of the last course as an introduction, ‘Upgrade2Success – Mastering the HCM Migration’  is more detailed and provides a deeper understanding of the tools, templates and processes within SAP SuccessFactors – as well as how they can be used and set up.

Do I need to have attended or passed the last course to register for this one?

No, there is no prerequisite to register or attend this course.

Who would be the perfect fit as an attendee, and should we send more than one person from our organisation?

Anyone who will be actively involved in a company’s HR transformation should attend, as well as key stakeholders and decision-makers such as project team members, HR application owners, business process owners, HR administrators, HRIT team members.

We recommend sending more than one delegate. A balance from both the HR and IT sides of the business is advisable.

Anything else we need to understand or be aware of?

Our first course had very high learner satisfaction. Our youngest learner was 18 and the oldest was 79. We incorporated all the feedback we received to make this course even better!

Any final tips or pointers you can give prospective learners?

Get yourself a beverage and allocate some time in your calendar and a bit of head-space each week to make the most of this course. It’s only 15-20 minutes per unit but it will pay dividends! Share learnings, links, tools, and documents and discuss with your project and implementation teams after each unit to drive meaningful action.

Approach with the ‘3 W’s mindset’– ‘I want, I wish, I will’ – and make sure you keep a record of it for yourself. At the start of each unit, consider what is it you want to get out of this session, such as a greater understanding of what’s involved in data migration. During the unit, consider what you wish to result from this learning, such as gain buy-in from those who you know are not yet certain. And finally, consider what you will do in the short- and long-term.

Register now for Upgrade2Success – Mastering HCM Migration! We look forward to having you join.

If you have any questions - please feel free to contact Upgrade2Success@SAP.com

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