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  1. When executing Intrastat Declaration (t:code VI98) for Intercompany Invoice (IV) the destination region is missing  ( Incompletion log).
  2. This incompletion log is blocking and Intrastat report cannot be generated.
  3. It was tried to fix this by adding a Region field to Customer Master but there is no Region field on the One time customer.


1) If there is any option/ tool to mass update the destination region in Intrastat
2) If the destination region can be changed into warning message that the Intrastat report will be generated

Steps to reproduce:

1)#Create order (OR)

2)#Create delivery (LF)

3)#Post goods Issue

4)#Create Invoice (F2)

5)#Create invoice (IV)

6)#Execute Intrastat declaration (VI98) with IV number

Please note the following information from SAP Note 905026 (1805680) :

  • The "Region" field for INTRASTAT is always set from the "Place of manufacture" field in the "Provincial Tax Codes" table (table T005S, field HERBL). You maintain this Customizing table in the path: Sales and Distribution   > Foreign Trade/Customs   > Periodic Declarations   > Control Data -> Special Rule Country/Region (or: Transaction VE70).
  • Selecting goods receipts from intercompany billings (Transaction VI98): Read access with: country of declaration or the region of the goods recipient. In other words: the region field (BESTIREGI) is always set from table T005S, from field "place of manufacture" which you can maintain via transaction VE70.
  • When you run VI98 the programm tries to read this table with the following parameters:
  1. country of declaration
  2. region of goods recipient

Please make sure this table is maintain with the necessary entries.

If you only need the field "region" to be filled for the Intrastat declaration, there is no need to change the customer master.
Instead, you can just fill this field directly in the table VEIAV which contains data for the Intrastat.

There are two options to do so:

A) manually, with transaction VEFU. This is recommended if only a few documents are affected. As disussed, in your case this may not be the best solution.

B) via userexit EXIT_SAPLV50G_001. If you have a large number of documents affected and/or this is a recurring issue then I would recommend this option.

I have attached the SAP Note 303984 which describes how this user exit can be used.

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