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Growing organizations that control more than one legal business entity are sometimes faced with the challenge of how to share data between partner companies.

The intercompany solution supports the replication of essential master data across partner companies. With the intercompany integration solution, you can be confident that all your business units are using consistent master data.

The Intercompany integration solution caters to service oriented scenarios by allowing replication of:

  • Customer Equipment Card

  • Service Contract

  • Contract Template

These are replicated across companies based on company operations.

Steps to setup operation type in Landscape:

It is important for the user to configure the operation type setup in the intercompany landscape accurately. Each branch company may have different operation type based on business requirement.

In our example above, ACME New York is the Sales organization and ACME Texas is the service organization.

Let’s see, how to setup operation type for these two companies:

  1. Open the Intercompany Landscape in the administration console from Setup --> Landscape.

  2. Select the button next to ACME-NY system name, Company details window appear.

  3. Now, choose the button next to operation type and select the required operation as shown below.User can select the operation type for the company from the following options:

  • Sales

  • Service

  • Sales and Service

Based on this setup, the service masters (Contract Templates, Equipment Card, and Service Contract) are replicated to branch companies.


  • Contract templates, customer equipment card, and service contracts are replicated from sales organization to service organization. If you want to replicate these masters in all companies, then you must select “Sales and Service” in operation field for all the companies.

  • Though the field is optional it is advised not to keep this field blank.

  • Consolidation type of companies do not require the Operation definition.

As in our scenario, ACME New York is the sales type company hence select operation type as “Sales” and choose Save. The operation type information for each branch company is visible on company registration page of intercompany landscape as shown below.

  1. Similarly select Operation type as “Service” for ACME Texas Company and choose save in company details.Now deploy the solution and perform the replication of contract template, customer equipment card and service contracts from ACME New York sales company to ACME Texas Service Company.Login to ACME New York Company and add new Contract Template, Equipment Card and Service Contract in the system.
    Figure: Contract Template - ACME NY
    Figure: Equipment Card - ACME NY

    Figure: Service Contract - ACME NY

    In the below figure ‘Contract Template – ACME TX’, the Contract Template, Equipment Card and Service Contract have successfully replicated to the ACME Texas company.

    Figure: Contract Template - ACME TX

    Figure: Equipment Card - ACME TX

    Figure: Service Contract - ACME TX

Please note if you add any of the service master (Contract Templates, Equipment Card, and Service Contract) in ACME Texas Service Company, then these masters will not be replicated to any company configured in the solution.


(This blog content was created by the development team of the intercompany integration solution for SAP Business One)


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