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SAP is no longer selling or supporting “Intercompany Integration Solution for SAP Business One” – therefore the content in this blog post is outdated.
For more details please refer to this note: https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/notes/3250656

Attention, update note: As of this last change as of June 2021, I no longer maintain this blog as my responsibilities at SAP have changed.
Some information may become outdated or inaccessible.
Please refer to the other documentation, rollout and enablement materials on the topics addressed here. Kind regards, Peter


Dear all,

In this post, I keep you updated about the Intercompany integration solution for SAP Business One, providing you an easy and central entry point to all relevant and up-to-date information. I work in the solution management for SAP Business One and manage the Intercompany integration solution.

Most recent updates:

On Jun 4, we delivered PL42, for its content see overview SAP Note 3028552.

See Top ReSolutions for Intercompany Integration Solution for all enhancements in recent patches. Intercompany and the Integration hub are compatible with SAP Business One Version 9.3 and Version 10 on MS SQL or SAP HANA.


This proven SAP add-on is key to streamline intercompany activities with SAP Business One. It is a unique option for companies with multiple business units or subsidiaries that run the SAP Business One and need intercompany integration capabilities.

Our solution is very successful in more than 65 countries and around nine hundred satisfied customers. The solution is very mature and is constantly being further developed, closely integrated into the development and maintenance process of SAP Business One core and the integration framework to be functional and technically always up to date.


The solution is on the SAP Business One Reseller Pricelist. For private cloud deployments, an additional subscription-based licensing model is available.
Find some explanation of the pricing model in this blog. Basically, Intercompany, as a native add-on, significantly extends/upgrades the functionality and the benefits of SAP Business One overall. For example, each master data record or transaction exchanged via ICO, is fully available for the whole SAP Business One functions and for all users. That’s why the price of ICO is tied to the number of users of the SAP Business One core functions (licensed users). There’s simply no concept in ICO on “intercompany users” since the functional upgrade and benefits do not only exist for individual users. For details, please consult a SAP Partner.

Series of enhancements and further plans 

The number of customers and users grows at an above-average rate. We have therefore made significant further investments in the solution. Existing customers benefit significantly from increased performance/throughput, stability, enhanced or rounded functionality, new installations are much easier and faster. See the Top ReSolutions for all details.

Based on general requirements, our product strategy, and market feedback we constantly improve and refine the solution. Find current plans on page #27 in the road map for SAP Business One.

Requirement/DRQ process for Intercompany

We follow the SAP-wide process of customer influence. In the SAP Business One session, intercompany topics are also dealt with, look up HERE all related Improvement Requests (IRs). Customers and partners are very welcome to vote for existing IRs or to place their own ideas there. For general info see this blog.

The integration solution offers the following features to corporate groups:

  • Share common business data

  • Support of standardized business processes across companies

  • Transparency over operations across the group incl. financial consolidation

  • Control and collaboration beyond company borders

Here you can find some further public information:

Informative Fact Sheets:

Comprehensive Blog content:

Some more info on the Intercompany integration solution (s-user required):

The Solution Brief, Solution Details Deck, as well as the SAP Help Portal Intercompany Page, featuring the most recent Administrator´s and User Guide.

About localization: The solution is localized for 43 countries, see the Administrator’s Guide, section Localized Countries. For any need beyond current localizations, see SAP Note 2154976.
Actually the integration solution is currently used in over 65 countries. Support for Central MENA has been added in December 2019, among other countries, see this blog.

Downloading the software: SAP Partners and customers find patches for upgrade or direct installation in Software Download Center -> SAP Business One -> SAP Business One Products -> B1 Intercompany Integration -> B1 Intercompany Integration 2.0.
Due to the solution's technical nature, you can use patch files both for fresh installations and for updating existing installations. This also applies to potentially offered Hotfix files.

Useful SAP Notes:

  • SAP Note 1844555, “Troubleshooting in the intercompany integration solution” (also features information about versions, compatibility, and performance optimization)

  • SAP Note 2267770 Patch Delivery Schedule – Find release dates for Patches

Training resources: For SAP Partners, there's "Additional Training for SAP Business One - Intercompany Integration Solution 2.0 for SAP Business On..." available on PartnerEdge.
Many comprehensive, short videos can be found on SAP Help Portal Intercompany Page.

Check also the Implementation and Operations Manual document.

SAP Community: Blogs and Questions & Answers 

For Q&A, use tag: the intercompany integration solution. Follow this tag, raise or answer questions. Find here any content on intercompany tag, incl. Blogs. In SAP Community, the intercompany team tries to clarify your questions asap and give you the best possible assistance.

Best regards, Peter


Picture above: The Intercompany Solution Cockpit. This cockpit makes the system easy to operate from one single screen and significantly improves the overall handling, monitoring, and troubleshooting, as well as allowing reactive and proactive actions.

Picture above: Setup screen, Template Configuration.