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In this blog post I will have a closer look at the new ‘Intelligent Invoice Scanning’ enhancements, introduced with release 2102. For an overview of the ‘Intelligent Invoice Scanning’ please also have a look at the following blog post.

  1. Scanning of the buyer company

Before release 2102 the buyer company was determined in the following way:

  1. Company of the user logged into the SAP Collaboration Window

  2. Company specified in the ‘Upload’ UI.

With 2102 the ‘Document Information Extraction Service (DOX)’ also scans the buying company information and does a mapping to the company IDs. This feature will especially help companies that upload PDFs centrally for multiple companies.

To enable this mapping, first the company data must be uploaded to DOX, like the upload of the supplier master data. This can be done from the ‘Supplier Invoicing’ work center, view ‘Invoice Scanning’ – Action ‘Synchronize Master Data’.

You should synchronize the company data, whenever there are new companies added or changes are done for scanning-relevant data like company name and address.

A new BC options was added that controls if the scanned company shall be defaulted in the review values.

When activating this option, upon uploading PDFs with the SAP Collaboration Window, the scanned values will then be proposed as reviewed value, instead of the user company.

When using the upload UI, the scanned values will only be proposed, if user has not manually entered a company in the upload UI.

  1. ODATA service for scanning object

Instead of uploading PDF documents via the SAP Collaboration Window or via the upload UI, you can now also upload PDFs using an ODATA service. You can optionally specify the company. In addition, the service allows to upload the document or upload the document and start scanning.

  1. Use scanned items instead of purchase order items during invoice creation

Before release 2102, once a purchase order reference was given in the review values, upon creation of an invoice all the open purchase order items got copied over into the invoice creation UI. Especially in partial delivery scenarios however, customers requested to only take over the scanned items.

With release 2102 we offer a BC option that allows you to now use the scanned items instead of the PO items for invoice creation.

  1. Delete multiple scanned objects

You can now select multiple items in the ‘Invoive Scanning’ view and delete them together.

  1. Delete multiple scanned items

You can now select multiple scanned items in the ‘Review’ UI and delete them together.

In case you have additional requirements for the invoice scanning feature that are not covered yet please check the customer influence portal for existing improvement request or create a new improvement request.

Please also have a look at the video for further explanation.
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