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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Welcome to the Next Generation Intelligent Enterprise SAP S/4HANA Cloud Analytics blog series.  This blog provides you with the latest and greatest update for Intelligence built with next-generation cloud ERP solution with Analytics.  In the last blog on “ Intelligent ERP Update: SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1811 Release – Deep Dive for Analytics” where we’ve introduced several innovations as part of 1811 release highlights for our next-generation, SAP’s intelligent, next-generation cloud ERP solution for analytics deployment,  we are happy to take the tradition of blogging series to the next level with new innovation scenario‘s for analytics.  We’re releasing even more advanced analytics features and content in our new 1902 release that motivates enterprises to run independent ERP systems in cloud with analytics integration capabilities.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1902 release brings new analytics capability which is able to extend the Digital Core. New analytics capability enables customers to come to the right decisions with minimal human involvement even in turbulent, fast-changing environments, SAP Analytics Cloud update’s in SAP Digital Boardroom  and SAP Analytics Cloud Stories allow you to apply business rules in a timely manner to ensure rapid adoption to the ever-changing market.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1902 release updates for Analytics can help accelerate innovation and transform applications. Embedding analytics insights with SAP S/4HANA Cloud  help users make faster, more informed decisions; automating tasks and processes using machine learning and predictive analytics; to completely re-inventing the analytics platform using a data-driven approach.  The intelligent enterprise uses a semantic layer to quickly retrieve the necessary information from the digital core and various other systems, regardless of data formats and make it available for business users with re-imagined Analytics solution.

To learn more about how to get where you need to be with your data, explore what key  influencers are available with SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1902 release in SAP Best Practices for Analytics with SAP S/4HANA Package.

Check out my video below for a quick overview of the analytics innovations that power the customer journey to the intelligent enterprise suite.


In this blog, let’s understand how the latest product features of SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP S/4HANA Cloud enrich the analytics capabilities.

Top 3 business driven innovations which are very much anticipated to analyze your data using Analytics capabilities and powering the customer journey to Intelligent Enterprise Suite.

Analytics Highlights of the SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1902 Release

  1. Sales SAP S/4HANA Cloud Content with SAP Analytics Cloud.

  2. Real Time Accounts Receivable Finance Analytics (Financial Planning & Analysis SAP Analytics Cloud content).

  3. Procurement Cloud Content with SAP Analytics Cloud. 

Let’s take deeper look at the first business driven innovation Sales SAP S/4HANA Cloud Content

Sales solution with SAP Analytics Cloud content offer companies a comprehensive – yet simple – integrated platform that helps unlock the real value in data for smarter decision making by Sales Manager.

Analytics RE-IMAGINED for Sales & Distribution Manager to thrive in a digital economy, Sales Managers can now blend operations with analytics, becoming more agile in reacting to events that impact the business, Analyze cost-to-serve and make better decisions with analytics and real-time insights

Focus on Most Profitable customers and Understand the future instead of analyzing the past.  See open sales at a glance and identify Top customers by Sales Volume, Profit Margin, and Net Sales Cost and take action in order to increase your sales volume.

Simplify to maximize performance in Sales and Distribution,  Sales Managers can Sense, predict & act in real time to marketplace dynamics leveraging SAC insights to capture trends for incoming sales, incoming orders and open orders comparison and  adjust their pricing strategies and control the costs.

Leverage new insights to execute on business objectives including operational performance and sales analysis by compare incoming orders and open orders and drill down into sales org, sales office, sold-to party, and customer group.

SAP Analytics Cloud Sales Dashboard create excitement with executives to show what an Intelligent Enterprise looks like allowing Sales to be a data driven business and can get a 360 degree view of their customers

Users can build stories based on released CDS views relevant for procurement  or leverage own queries created by you. For list of released CDS views, see CDS Views. Only CDS Views containing the @analytics.query: true annotation will appear in SAP Analytics Cloud. Refer documentation on help.sap.com for more details.


Screen Shot for the SAP Analytics Cloud – Sales Dashboard for SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Pre-built set of analytical sales dashboards and reports help you to analyze sales volume, open sales, profit margin, and incoming sales for analytics on S/4HANA Cloud data.

  • Gain a real-time overview of sales volume by calendar month/quarter and sales org, top customers, open orders by sales org, customer, customer group, material and material group.See open sales at a glance and identify where you can take action in order to increase your sales volume.

  • Compare sales volume and profit margin over time and by sales org. Top customers by Sales Volume, Profit Margin, and Net Sales Cost.

  • Check your pricing strategies and control the costs.

  • Compare incoming orders and open orders and drill-down into sales org, sales office, sold-to party, and customer group.

  • Identify top customers and trends by incoming sales.

Let’s take deeper look at the second business driven innovation with Real Time Accounts Receivable Finance Analytics (Financial Planning & Analysis SAP Analytics Cloud content) with SAP S/4HANA Cloud.


  • Real-time: Accounts Receivable Overview - Accounts Receivable Manager can get real time insight to outstanding overdue receivables by customers and time periods. Dashboard providing insights to Total Amount, Overdue amount and Future amounts.


  • Accounts Receivable Clerk can perform detailed analysis with amounts in current and future time period and slice and dice capabilities with Dimensions ex. Customer, Billing Document.


  • Real time Financial Statement Analytics report and Phase 3 cash flow planning & analysis. Simpler selectors on dashboards. Optimized calculation logic

Let’s take deeper look at the Third business driven innovation with Procurement Cloud Content with SAP Analytics Cloud.

Latest update’s on Real-time Service Spend analytics with SAP S/4HANA Cloud enables a procurement service manager to dive into S/4HANA Cloud using a business KPI’s such as service spend analysis and compare it with overall spend.  Accelerators include a pre-built set of LIVE analytical dashboards, key performance indicators, and reports based on CDS views (CDS view C_PURORDSERVICESPENDQUERY  KPI).

  • Procurement spend analysis provide insight to how organized the purchasing activities are   and how mature and defined the relations to the suppliers are. Insights include the purchase order net amount analysis for suppliers, plants, material groups, purchasing organizations, purchasing groups and Purchase order amount overtime per cost center.

  • Procurement Analytics updates for Procurement Spend Analysis, Off Contract Spend and Contract Ratio empower our customers and users with cost reduction strategy aimed at standardizing procurement prices for commonly procured, homogeneous and price varying inputs goods.

  • SAP Digital Boardroom with complete 360 real-time view of supply chain, procurement, inventory and logistics providing real time view of company situations and KPI's across departments and foster trust among leaders.

  • Pre-built set of procurement analytical dashboards and reports help you analyze purchase spend and off contract spend with robust analytics on S/4HANA Cloud data covering the Procurement scenario’s for business running on subsidiaries.

  • Predictive capabilities to empower users making better decisions for procurement activities with a self-learning analytics solution.

Stay tuned for more updates in the next quarters!

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