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Following on our latest release of SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1808, we’re bringing new functionalities again in this quarter for Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management.

In this blog, you can learn about extended project maintenance options which are affecting our foundation processes 1NT (Project Financial Control) and 1YF (Project Review) as well as extended control of project budget consumption in 1NT. On top, we’re releasing a new OData API to read work packages for enterprise projects.

In the video below, I briefly explain the key highlights of our 1811 release for SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management.

Extended Project Maintenance Options in Project Control and Project Brief App

In order to control projects, project managers and project financial controllers have diverse possibilities suited to their roles. While project financial controllers can use their project control app in the business process 1NT, project managers can use their project brief app in the business process 1YF to make use of controlling functionalities.

With 1811, we’re extending the already existing functionalities for the maintenance options in both apps as we are enabling processing status changes which makes it a lot easier to take care of statuses. However, we have not only improved the usability with simplified status management, but we have also enhanced customization options, because we’re offering project header filed extensibility in the project control app and in the project brief app.

On top, for project financial controllers, we also allow attachments in the project control app, providing the possibility to share additional information with project stakeholders.

Fig. 1: Enabling processing status changes in the “Project Control” SAP Fiori app to improve maintenance options


Extended Control of Project Budget Consumption  

When you want to control projects, it’s vital to have insights into budget consumptions. Therefore, we’re continuously improving the capabilities for project financial controllers.

As stated already last quarter, we have shipped initial function for a budget availability control with our 1808 update. To use these functions, project financial controllers can use project control app and assign a budget availability control profile to a project. After the assignment, the availability control can be activated. Subsequently, certain cost postings will be checked against the budget. Whenever a threshold – as defined in the profile – will be exceeded, warning or error messages can be issued.

With 1811, we are offering more granular activity group handling for the definition of thresholds in availability control profiles.

On top, we are releasing a new card about the budget consumption on the overview page for project financial controllers. This new card reflects the percentage of the budget that has already been consumed for specific projects in the current year.

All these functionalities offer a huge value for financial controllers. Being able to monitor consumptions of assigned budgets, and to get warning or error messages whenever a certain threshold gets exceeded, budget overruns can be tremendously reduced, and projects can be running on track.

Fig. 2: New Budget Consumption card on the Overview Page helps Project Financial Controllers to monitor assigned budgets


OData API to Read Work Packages for Enterprise Projects

Last but not least, we are releasing a new OData API. In the beginning of this year, with our 1802 release, we shipped an OData API which supports functionalities to read, create, update, and delete simple projects. In the last release of this year, with 1811, we release yet another OData API to read work packages for enterprise projects. Leveraging this OData-based service operation, you can now read project element and hierarchy related data.

Having these two APIs in place, you can now connect external applications with enterprise projects and your work package structure. This provides you a lot more flexibility when dealing not only with simple projects but also with enterprise projects. Visit the SAP API Business Hub for more information.

Fig. 3: New ODATA API to read work packages for enterprise projects available in the SAP API Business Hub


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