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With release 1911 we introduce SAP Analytics Cloud embedded in SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Analytics is about making better decisions leading to better business outcomes. With the integration of SAP Analytics Cloud we facilitate this purpose when bringing SAP's best-in-class analytics solution closer to the business context and processes in S/4HANA Cloud.

The unified experience and seamless integration of both solutions feeds SAP's Intelligent Enterprise Strategy to derive deep and holistic insights directly where customers need them. Embedding SAP Analytics Cloud into SAP S/4HANA Cloud is a front-runner to SAP’s Analytics Strategy and other cloud applications will follow soon.

Now, you might ask yourself what value SAP Analytics Cloud adds to our current embedded analytics offering in SAP S/4HANA Cloud. First of all, SAP Analytics Cloud embedded does not aim to replace our current analytical offering in S/4HANA Cloud, it rather extends and enriches current possibilities with a self-service reporting focus. SAP Analytics Cloud dashboards (aka stories) are presented in a visually stunning and easily consumable way.

The dashboards enable end users to interactively answer business-related questions upfront to a meeting or during their daily operations following an insight to action approach. Second, there is a growing demand for users to manage the dynamics in their business, either in form of changing structures, speed or volumes. Therefore, it is important to increase adoption and usability by providing users with instant results. SAP Analytics Cloud directly accesses SAP S/4HANA Cloud ABAP CDS views in near real-time to increase speed and efficiency. SAP leverages existing authorizations to ensure data protection and to reduce additional efforts. In addition, alerts to highlight issues at a glance help to dive deeper into topics of concern. Notifications , like a highlighted KPI, might hint on anomalies and require instant attention in S/4HANA Cloud. SAP Analytics Cloud embedded makes it possible to perform actions that deliver immediate business value without the need to leave or switch the application.

Moreover will customers enjoy non-functional benefits such as no additional administrative effort. SAP S/4HANA Cloud (MTE) customers do not need to take care as SAP is taking care of the automated provisioning in a phased approach of embedded SAP Analytics Cloud during the course of Q4/2019.

Summing this up, SAP Analytics Cloud embedded in S/4HANA enriches the current analytical functionalities and brings in more flexibility and ease of use.

What exactly is in?

Let's dive a bit deeper and check out the 1911 release. With this release we offer mainly three key capabilities:

  • Customers will benefit from pre-built standard dashboards embedded to support real-time decision-makingwithin the business process. Starting with LoB Finance, attractive and insight-full dashboards will be provided. Users can navigate seamlessly between analytical and transactional apps with intent-based navigation using the context of a dashboard (i.e. filter, parameter etc.) and seamlessly navigate to the right Fiori app to create fast time to value. For instance, a business user might need additional information on a customer that turned out to be critical, it is possible to instantly navigate to the critical customer’s fact sheet from within the dashboard. Hereby, the user interface is fully integrated into the Fiori user experience. Furthermore, all out-of-the-box dashboards are fully integrated into the lifecycle of S/4HANA analytics artifacts. Business users can launch a dashboard from a Fiori tile where we leverage Fiori roles and screen-variants for personalization (i.e. layout, filters, etc.). Please check out the following blog for more information on SAP's delivery of pre-built dashboards.

Fig. 1: Out-of-the-box standard dashboard for the treasury executive dashboard.

  • We offer business analysts the possibility to create ad-hoc analyses for rule-based reports with drill-down to specific dimensions using multidimensional reports with the new embedded Data Analyzer. Key users can select a query of their interest and visualize the data in a predefined pivot table analysis which enables them to navigate and filter the data instantly. Again, all existing authorizations will be used and data protection will continue to work as implemented without additional efforts.

Fig. 2: Group Report using the Data Analyzer.

  • And last but (definitely) not least, key users can create dashboards directly within SAP S/4HANA Cloud and seamlessly access data based on ABAP CDS views. This takes flexibility to a totally new level. Analytics Specialists can massage the data and query data across any dimensions of interest in an easy-to-use SAP Analytics Cloud design time. Create customized business specific dashboards to increase efficiency and effectiveness of management decisions. Key users benefit from a full palette of functionality that comes with SAP Analytics Cloud, such as the possibility to add missing calculations (i.e. formulas, exception aggregations etc.) to the dashboard as well as various new chart types. Please watch the following video to get a basic understanding how to create a dashboard in the role of an Analytics Specialist:

For more information on SAP S/4HANA Cloud embedded analytics with SAP Analytics Cloud, check out the following links: