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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
a collaboration between marcomondino and mario.fetzner

Do you have Passion for Innovation? We have!!!

In today’s world it’s even more important to offer additional services on top of the ERP implementation. Customers are requesting features and functions, which make their business processes and decisions more efficient and intelligent.

Intelligent Technologies can be the key to achieve that.

We want to support you with

  • Enabling your employees on Intelligent Technologies

  • Designing & Injecting innovations in your partner and customer solutions

  • Developing your partner or customer solution

  • Transforming your SAP Partner recognition to an Intelligent Enterprise

  • Document your intelligent solution(s) in our SME Innovation Playbook


Therefor we have created the SME Partner Innovation Program.

One of its components is the Intelligent Enterprise Competition, which consists of 2 streams:

#1 Enablement series on Intelligent Technologies and meet-the-expert sessions.
You can participate in the sessions without registering in the competition.

#2 Intelligent Enterprise Competition with hands-on support from SAP experts to develop applications leveraging Intelligent Technologies.
Register for the Intelligent Enterprise Competition HERE

Click here for the WINNERS Announcement.

Register for the Intelligent Enterprise Enablement Series now.


Topic Meeting Type Date Recording Link
Intelligent Enterprise Competition
Kick-Off 15.04.2021


Passcode: 7ze6X@*m
SAP Workflow Management Enablement 21.04.2021
09:30 AM (GMT+2)


Passcode: &0#xXDpT
General concepts on Loosely Coupled developments and usage of APIs in SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Business One Meet-the-Expert 22.04.2021
09:30 AM (GMT+2)


Passcode: 7ze6X@*m
SAP iRPA – Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Meet-the-Expert 26.04.2021
09:30 AM (GMT+2)


Passcode: 6#$L8fWy
Design Thinking - How to develop new ideas? Enablement 29.04.2021
09:30 AM (GMT+2)


Passcode: 6iR&5BxC
SAP Conversational AI and Conversational UX Meet-the-Expert 06.05.2021
09:30 AM (GMT+2)


Passcode: uU32?AVd
SAP AI Business Services Meet-the-Expert 11.05.2021
09:30 AM (GMT+2)


Passcode: p^bKy0%t
Experience Management with Qualtrics and Face Recognition Meet-the-Expert 20.05.2021
09:30 AM (GMT+2)


Passcode: zh#$ti?5
SAP Internet of Things Meet-the-Expert 27.05.2021
09:30 AM (GMT+2)


Passcode: Z1@y2?vU
SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation
(MUST complete RPA pre-req)
SME Tech Hangout (APJ) 09.06.2021
01:30 PM (GMT+8)
SAP Internet of Things
(MUST complete IoT pre-req)
SME Tech Hangout (APJ) 14.06.2021
01:30 PM (GMT+8)
SAP AI Business Services
(MUST complete AI pre-req)
SME Tech Hangout (APJ) 04.08.2021
01:30 PM (GMT+8)


Have we raised your Interest?

Register for the Intelligent Enterprise Competition 2021 and build great solutions leveraging Intelligent Technologies adding extra value to your solutions and customers.

Inspire yourself and watch our SME Innovation Playbook on what great Intelligent Enterprise projects our SAP Partner did.

Not sure on what to expect? Watch last year’s Intelligent Enterprise Competition.


The 3 winners of the Intelligent Enterprise Competition 2021 will get some cool prizes.


Available Documentation and Sample Codes

To properly consume sample codes first read corresponding SAP blog or documentation.

Topic Documentation Available 

Intelligent Enterprise for the SMB: intro and overview  


Sample codes: 


Loosely Coupled Development in ByD and B1 


APIs in SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Business One


SAP Internet of Things (IoT)

Sample codes: 

SAP iRPA – Intelligent Robotic Process Automation 

SAP Conversational AI and Conversational UX 

Sample codes: 

SAP AI Business Services 

Inventory Item Picture
Recognition App

Experience Management: Qualtrics and Face Recognition (B1-smile) 

Sample codes: 

SAP Integration Suite

Sample codes: 


SAP Workflow Management

SMBEats proof-of-concept:

o   SAP Workflow Management and Loosely-coupled Architecture

o   Exploring BTP Workflow Service APIs with a sample application

o   A Low Code integration of Qualtrics with SAP BTP Workflow Service

o   Embedding decisions with SAP Business Rules Services


SAP Workflow Management and SAP Business ByDesign Events

Put collaboration in business context with SAP Workflow Service and MS Teams

Sample codes: 

  • SMBEats proof-of-concept: