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This blog helps you to understand the functionality of service contract templates in Service Contract Management of SAP S/4HANA Cloud and how to create a service contract based on a service contract template.

Business Value

You can use a service contract template to define the data used frequently in your service business. Once a service contract is created from the service contract template, those reusable data are copied from the template to the service contract. This can minimize the amount of time required to create a service contract.


We offer you the following key features of service contract templates:

  • Define reusable service contract data in service contract templates

  • Create a service contract as the follow-up transaction based on the data defined in a template

Integration of Service Contract Templates

The service contract template contains the similar data structure as that in the service contract. We support three types of template items corresponding to the three types of service contract items:

  • Standard template items

  • Template items for price adaptation

  • Template items for ad-hoc billing

The key purpose of a service contract template is to enable you to define the re-usable data and then create a service contract based on the template to reduce work effort. The workflow of “Create Service Contract via Service Contract Template” is shown in the following diagram:

Workflow: Create Service Contract via Service Contract Template

Business Use Case

Company A is a washing machine manufacturer. In the company, customer service managers use service contracts to manage the maintenance contract of every sold washing machine. When a washing machine is sold, the responsible customer service manager will create a service contract  based on the corresponding service contract template and specify the specific customer related information when creating the service contract.

For example, Company A has defined a service contract template for the T001 washing machines. The following key information are pre-defined in the template:

  • The description of the service contract template is “T001 Maintenance Contract”

  • The service contract template contains 1 type of service contract item:

    • Standard Maintenance (1 year): the customer needs to pay 10 USD per month and it covers general operation support, and 1-year free-of-charge spart parts.

    • Service Level Agreement: Service Profile is 5X10 and Response Profile is STANDARD.

Use Case: Service Contract Template

Now two washing machines are sold: one to customer 17100001 and the other to 17100002. Based on the agreements, the responsible customer service manager creates two service contracts: one for customer 1710001 and the other for customer 1710002.

  • Customer 17100001: The equipment number is M00001 and Contract Start Date is 2021.05.01.

  • Customer 17100002: The equipment number is M00002 and Contract Start Date is 2021.10.01.

Use Case: Create Service Contracts from Template

End-to-End Process in System

Let's take a look at how we implement the above-mentioned use case in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud system. Note that you need the scope item 3MO and the user must have the business role “SAP_BR_CUSTOMER_SRVC_MGR”.

  1. Log on to the SAP S/4HANA Cloud system with your user and search for “Manage Service Contract Templates” in the app search.

Step 1: Open Manage Service Contract Templates App

  1. In the “Manage Service Contract Templates” app, create a new service contract template.

Step 2: Create Service Contract Template

  1. In the Create page, define the header data for the service contract template.

Step 3: Define Template Header Data

  1. In the Create page, add items to the item list.

Step 4: Add Item to Service Contract Template

  1. In the detail page of the item, you can specify the claimed products in the product list.

Step 5: Add Claimed Products to Product List

  1. Once the service contract template is ready, you can release it. From a released template, you can use “Create Follow-up” button on the right-top corner to create a follow-up service contract.

Step 6: Create Follow-Up

  1. When you create the follow-up service contract, you can specify the Sold-to-Party, the Service Contract Start date and time, and a Description. It is also possible to define the equipment to the product lists of all items that the service contract may contain. You can then select the item that you would like to add to the service contract as items. If everything is OK there, you can click the OK button to create the service contract.

Step 7: Enter Specific Data for New Service Contract

  1. The system creates the follow-up service contract by copying information from the template. You can define more details in the service contract per your business requirement.

Step 8: Add More Information to the New Service Contract

Additional Information

Support Releases: As of SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2208

You can find more information in SAP Help Portal (Documentation) , including a feature comparison between service contract templates and service contracts:

Manage Service Contract Templates


In this blog, you have learnt how to create a service contract template and how to create a service contract based on the service contract template. If you have any questions, please comment under this blog. We will get back to you soon with our answers.

If you have any other questions about service contract templates or service contracts, you can search in Q&A first and post your questions if no answers fit.