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Inspection Rounds - S/4 HANA

Inspection rounds is a business process predominantly used in Asset Intensive Industries to inspect a series of similar process related equipment. This exercise is performed to monitor the condition of the equipment, some illustrations such as drive end temperature of lube oil pump motor, non-drive end bearing temperature of boiler feed pump etc.

An Inspection round is planned activity with a frequency of once in a week/month/day or even in shifts. Inspection rounds are always completed within one day or within one shift.

During Inspection round, the maintenance activity is performed on different technical objects, however the number of technical objects may vary depending on the sequence and time.

In this blog we are going to see how Inspection Rounds can be setup in SAP S/4 HANA system

In SAP S/4 HANA Inspection rounds can be assigned to a work center or a person.


To execute Inspection Rounds business process below are the key pre-requisites

  • Business function LOG_EAM_CI_3 – Enterprise Asset Management: Continuous Improvements – for Inspection Rounds functionality should be activated

  • Business function LOG_EAM_CI_4 should be activated

Inspection Rounds Process:

Inspection rounds in S/4 HANA is carried out at the operation level of Maintenance Order by assigning the technical object for each operation.

The below pictorial representation provides a high-level process overview of Inspection rounds

High Level Overview Flow

Step 1: Equipment's involved in the Inspection rounds must have measuring points created in the system.

Measuring Point for Equipment


Step 2: Create Inspection plan (general task list) assigning the equipment at operation level.

Equipment Assignment to Operations


Step 3: Select each operation and assign the relevant measuring point created for the Equipment as PRT respectively.

Measuring Point -PRT Assignment to Operations

Step 4: Inspection rounds are mostly planned, and the frequency may be weekly once, monthly once or everyday depending upon the business requirement. Create Single Cycle Maintenance plan assigning the inspection plan created at Step 2.

Step 5: Schedule the Maintenance plan and generate the call (Maintenance Order), execute the inspection.

Step 6: Record the inspected measurement readings on Enter PM Order Confirmation Fiori app as per below screenshot.

Measurement Document Creation during Operation Confirmation

Step 7: Save confirmation.

To Summarize this is the way we can use the Inspection rounds process on the current S/4HANA On-Prem system.

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