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While many customers see great productivity improvements by implementing selected SAP Fiori apps, they are not realising the gains they could achieve by scaling an improved UX across their organisation. In some cases, it’s a matter of not having enough development and design resources to build all the apps that their employees need. Leveraging SAP’s extensive partner network can be the key to bridging this gap and delivering innovation at scale through a better user experience.  

With this motivation in mind, SAP Cloud ERP piloted a dedicated SAP S/4HANA UX partner workshop at SAP Labs India in Bengaluru with partner Mindset Consulting. Their customer-facing staff joined us for a day filled with hands-on experiences, strategy updates, and networking. All topics presented were framed under one common theme: “Enterprise UX at Scale”. 

Mindset also invited a global agricultural brand customer as well as a partner company to join the May-5 event. In total, SAP employees and 57 external participants easily utilised the entire available capacity of the facility. SAP’s main aim was to share the current focus areas in the Cloud ERP UX space with our partners, hear their feedback and enable them to support our customers and end users. 

The event was attended by 57 external participants which included partners and customers from Mindset Consulting

Information, inspiration, innovation

Collaborating with our partners in events like this allows us to join forces to guide our end users and support them in their journey to a better user experience. 

“Mindset's technical team was given an injection of adrenalin by the Enterprise UX Summit. While showcasing the vision and new changes in SAP's UX environments, SAP's UX Engineering team helped Mindset's team reimagine the experience we will bring to our customers. The summit stands out in our team's mind for the tremendous learnings and opportunities to give direct feedback to SAP. The workshop was a great testimonial to the strong partnership between Mindset and SAP - we look forward to future collaborations. Thank you to SAP UX Engineering team” - Parvathy Sankar, Managing Director APJ, Mindset Consulting 

The opening keynote by Ioannis Grammatikakis, Head of Cloud ERP UX Engineering, SAP, Germany and Parvathy Sankar, Managing Director APJ, Mindset emphasised on the importance of an ongoing collaboration with the partner community and how bringing back their feedback to SAP can help in innovating and delivering an improved user experience for our users. There was also a remarkably interesting glimpse of how SAP is envisioning the future of SAP S/4HANA user experience. 

Parvathy Sankar, Mindset Consulting, delivering the opening keynote

Ioannis Grammatikakis, SAP, speaking about "User experience in the age of artificial intelligence"

In the spotlight 

The Enterprise UX Summit was carefully curated over the time span of three months. The agenda starred a whole series of informative sessions and demos on topics like SAP Fiori elements, SAP Fiori tools, Collaborative ERP, My Home in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library followed by a hands-on workshop on how to use SAP Fiori elements floorplans for OData V4 building blocks, and a brief user research session on the SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library.  

Participants were especially excited about SAP Fiori elements and SAP Fiori tools. There were multiple questions around annotation capabilities in OData V4 and on the possibility of UI Extensibility for already delivered apps through SAP Fiori tools. It was a proud moment when 80% of the participants said they have used SAP Fiori elements to develop SAP Fiori apps and were aware of OData V2 and V4.

"The Enterprise UX at Scale Summit organised by the SAP UX Engineering team has been instrumental in providing visibility in various areas of the SAP roadmap. Thank you to the entire team for bringing us up to speed with the newest tools and features available in SAP S/4HANA user experience (SAP Fiori elements - SAP Fiori tools), the SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library, and their collaborative efforts with partners. It was an enriching and enlightening session, to say the least." -  Ashwin Dutt, Application Development Lead - SAP Fiori for S/4HANA 

Participants performing user research for Next Gen SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library

SAP employees also had the opportunity to engage with participants and collect interesting insights on next generation concepts of the SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library which can help SAP in shaping the future of the product.  

The curiosity of the participants was also evident from the kind and number of questions that came after every session: 

  • Is there an availability of pre-delivered cards? (Yes, the My Home Insights section can sometimes come with pre delivered Insight cards : My Home in SAP S/4HANA Cloud – Your business Insights at a glance)

  • Is there a migration available for users to My Home in SAP S/4 HANA Cloud? (New My Home is the default for new SAP S/4HANA Cloud customers and can be enabled explicitly by existing customers : New My Home in SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2208 – Admin Guide)

  • How does an existing customer switch on spaces and pages? (Spaces and pages are a pre-requisite to use My Home: How to use spaces and pages in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition)

  • Is the Microsoft Teams integration a paid feature? (No there are no additional charges. It’s available for all SAP S/4HANA Cloud customers and can be enabled by customers who have an enterprise Microsoft Teams subscription.)

  • Can the same record / tab be edited by multiple users at the same time? (The same record can be edited by multiple users but not at the same time.)                               

  • And many more...


“I want to thank the SAP UX Engineering Team for taking the Mindset technical team through a day of learning and sharing their vision for the changing roadmap and features of the SAP S/4HANA user experience. The day was planned meticulously, and we appreciate the time and thought that went into each of the sessions. These kinds of feedback sessions are an excellent way for each of our teams to exchange notes and experiences with each other. This goes a long way in serving our customers better. We look forward to many more such opportunities to collaborate in the future.” -  Kamalika Bhar, Content Lead, Mindset Consulting 

Nurturing great relationships

The event was also meant for networking: together with the development community. Participants discussed technologies and explored more ways to engage in the future. As a result of these discussions, SAP also agreed to extend support and speak at the UX Innovation Summit that was organised by Mindset. This is an outstanding outcome and opportunity to strengthen ties further. 

Participants networking during the coffee break

What's next

Encouraged by the great feedback from the participants, we are planning to scale the model to other SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition partners and their customers with the goal to promote the SAP S/4HANA UX Strategy and its underpinnings (SAP Fiori elements, SAP Fiori tools, My Home in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Collaborative ERP) to multipliers and customer facing practitioners in our core markets. 

If you are interested in scheduling a similar training for your SAP development practice, please let us know.

Feedback from the participants


Video Message from Parvathy Sankar, Mindset Consulting & Ioannis Grammatikakis, SAP

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