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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

On October 19th, 2022, as part of the In-Depth with SAP S/4HANA live webinar series, pascal_renet, matthias.koch1 and I; hosted a session on the topic of SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition Transportation Management.

The webinar was extremely well attended, and we would like to firstly thank all the attendees for their participation, their feedback and for the great questions that were posted throughout the event.

Whilst we were able to respond to all the questions by the end of the session, we felt that it would be beneficial, to go beyond a simple yes or no answer and actually demonstrate some answers in the system – hence how this blog came to be.

So below, please find system demonstration responses to some of your great questions (we have taken the liberty of re-wording some of the questions for editorial purposes).

Question 1

Considering the following:

  • In transportation, the freight rate (e.g.: $/Kg, flat rate…) can vary based on the characteristics of the cargo (i.e., 50-200 Kg = 50$, 200-400 Kg = 78$) – and thus different freight ranges attract a different rate.

  • The costing of a shipment is not always assessed based on the weight of the entire shipment, but can be assessed based on the weight of individual Handling Units, or products…

Can the system perform a freight charge calculation by handling unit and ranges of weight, and perform the cost distribution accordingly?

Question 2

In the webinar it was mentioned that incoterms were integrated with Transportation Management. What exactly is the influence of the Incoterms entered in the sales order? If the incoterm EXW (Ex-Works) is used, does that mean that no freight unit or freight order is created?

The answer can be seen in a system demo from my colleague Pascal Renet:

Question 3

Sometimes carriers will send one invoice corresponding to one transportation order, but most often they will send one periodic (weekly, monthly…) collective invoice, for multiple transportation orders that were done over a period. Can we process such collective freight invoice?

The answer can be seen in a system demo from my colleague Pascal Renet:

Question 4

During the webinar, it seemed that the maximum capacity utilization indicator (transportation cockpit and freight order) was based on the gross weight of the shipment. In the case that the goods transported are very light, but volume is possibly the issue, can the indicator be changed so that the maximum capacity utilization indicator shows volume, instead of weight?

The answer can be seen in a system demo from my colleague Pascal Renet:

Question 5

What are configurations/settings possibilities available to influence the resource types that will be available for planning in the transportation cockpit?

The answer can be seen in a system demo from my colleague Pascal Renet:

We hope you will find these video answers to your questions helpful, and do not hesitate to add questions that you might have thought off post event, in the comments section below!

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