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SAP Transaction CS15 can be used to find on which BOMs a specific component is used. This transaction is frequently used, especially in manufacturing environments, where we have complex BOMs, with many levels and components. However, this transaction has a limitation, that is the fact that we can only search for a single material at the time.

If we search for old questions in SAP Communities, we will find that many users already asked how can we have the where-used list for multiple materials in the same transaction and the answer was always that a custom development was required and some function modules were suggested for this custom development.

However, as part of the Customer Connection program, SAP released the following SAP note, introducing transaction CS15M, which can be used to build the where-used list for multiople materials at the same time:

2676180 - Where used of multiple materials in one single execution

This note is valid for all the SAP S/4HANA releases and it is also valid for ECC EHP7 and EHP8. The note can be manually implemented, or it will be automatically implemented with the latest support package for those releases.

The new transaction CS15M selection screen provides the same options available in the old transaction CS15 in a single screen, improving the usability. The main difference is that we can now we have the multiple selection available for the material, including the possibility to select ranges or multiple values to be displayed.

In the results screen, we will see all the BOMs where each one of those materials will be a component. Here, green lines will separate the materials, where the yellow lines will separate the different levels BOMs where this material is a component.

In the traditional BOM Where-Used List, it was difficult to identify what was the Top Level material. One additional improvement introduced by the Customer Connection project is that there is an additional column showing what is the Top Level material. This improvement has been delivered by the following SAP Note and it will also be implemented with the latest support package.

2639218 - CS15 - Upgrading Where-Used List


You can find more details about the SAP Customer Connection program and how customers and partners can influence the SAP solutions in the link below: