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Product and Topic Expert
As of SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2308, you can upload your sales orders from Google Drive. And this feature is also supported in all other import apps, e.g., Import Sales Scheduling Agreements. But before using this feature, you must integrate your SAP S/4HANA system with Google Workspace. Please check the Prerequisites section for more configuration details.

0. Prerequisites

Integrating SAP S/4HANA with Google Workspace Using SAP Document Management Service | SAP Help Porta...

Basically, you need to complete following steps:

1. Download template to Google Drive

After the integration, when you click the “Download Template” button, instead of downloading to the local computer, you will see a dialog. And you can choose where you want to download the template.

Destination Supported Download Format
Local Microsoft Excel
Cloud Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel

If you select “Local”, the template will be directly downloaded to your local computer.

If you select “Cloud”, you’ll open a cloud file picker, and in the new dialog, you can choose which cloud drive you want to use. You can also select a target folder and change the file name.

After you choose “Download”, your browser will automatically open a new tab, which shows the downloaded file.

If the file name already exists in the target folder, you’ll get a warning asking whether you want to overwrite it.

2. Upload from Google Drive

You can upload files from your local computer or Google Drive.

Local: You can choose a file from your local computer.

Cloud: You can choose a file from Google Drive. Currently Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel files are supported. If you choose a non-spreadsheet file, an error appears.

3. Corrective import from Google Drive

If your import contains errors, you can also perform a corrective import from Google Drive.

Note that the import source (Local or Cloud) for a corrective import is the same as that for the initial import. If the file that you previously uploaded is from the local computer, you must also upload a local file for a corrective import. Likewise, if the previous import is from Google Drive (Cloud), the corrective import must be also from Google drive.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment under this article. See you soon.

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