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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Blog updated: March 13, 2024

The audience for this blog:  Partners, Consultants, and Customers interested in implementing SAP Analytics Cloud on top of SAP S/4HANA for Corporate FP&A scenarios

    • To download the free suite from SAP Analytics Cloud, follow this generic Business Content download guide HERE (search the word “Rapid” in Business Content Network)
    • SAP internal staff can use demo 18508 in SAP Demostore
    • Join our LinkedIn Rapid FP&A group, where we share additional insights
    • For a full schedule of Demos and Training, please see the new Demo & Training Blog
    • See all historical webinars and presentation decks on the Rapid FP&A WorkZone
    • Email Rapid_FPA@sap.com if you have any questions or if you want a custom demo and/or advisory session or access the the training site: Rapid FP&A WorkZone

See the quick VIDEO for this introduction to an exciting FREE business content offering from SAP.

Did you know? 

  • The Rapid Financial Planning & Analysis for SAP S/4HANA suite of three models...
    • Positioned for Corporate FP&A role under the CFO Office - a focused Finance solution for the top of your organization
    • Best Practices in SAC's New Model Type
    • Built by SAP Services in North America
    • Endorsed by both S/4HANA and SAC Product Management
    • Featured with SAC's original classic account model at Sapphire 2018 and re-released in August 2022 leveraging SAC's New Model Type - per Demand from Customers, Partners, and SAP Services

SAC New Model Checklist:

Model Structure Priority?AccountCalculation + Label
G/L Account dimension?Standard Account dimensionStandard SAC
Sign Treatment?Account TypeStandard SAC
Calculations available?Account Formulas +
Measure Formulas +
Advanced Formulas
Flexibility in SAC
Currency?Local & GlobalMeasures via
Standard SAC
Unit of Measure (UOM) for Sales Volume?Base & Standard UOMPer S/4 Option

Variance: Actual v Plan

Variance:  Year-over-year

Summary & Trend
Standard in each of the 3 models
Quantity (Sales Volume)?Planned as an AccountSimplifies
Sales Planning
Cost of Goods Sold?Standard COGSSimplifies
Sales Planning
Flow for Balance Sheet?Opening, Change, TotalMeasures via
Standard SAC
Integration?S/4 HANA, S/4HANA Cloud, SuccessFactorsStandard x 3 sources
Retraction?S/4 HANA, S/4HANA CloudStandard x 2 sources

The Rapid FP&A suite is made up of:

Note:  Click on the hyperlinks above to tap into "Process "Navigator," where you will find a Test Script ("user guide") and implementation-friendly guides, including integration guides.

Business content is FREE to customers of SAP Analytics Cloud.

How do you import (Download) the Rapid FP&A Content for your SAC tenant?

When in SAP Analytics Cloud:

    • Follow this generic Business Content download guide HERE (search the word "Rapid" in Business Content Network), or
    • The links in the section above include a specific guide on how to import this content into your own customer tenant - follow the 2JX Import Model configuration guide

Here is the user interface for the Business Content Network in SAP Analytics Cloud:

What is new as of November 2022?

The #1 ask we have had in the Best Practice team is a conversion to the New Model Type, with regular quarterly releases through the end of 2023, and a rebuild into new XP&A dimensions planned for 2024

  • Rapid FP&A deploys a Model Structure Priority of "Accounts over Measures", which allows important flexibility with calculations and labeling values in stories
  • On the currency front, stored values for Actuals in both local and global currency provide 100% tie out to your SAP S/4HANA sources across all three models
  • Leveraging the New Model Type capabilities, the Flow concept has been migrated from a generic "Dimension" to three "Measures", which provides more accurate quarter-end and year-end aggregation of balance sheet figures.  SAC documentation recommends Measures for flows.
  • Read about the New Model HERE

What about this video series?
You can watch these videos when you want and in any order you want

    • Each video is accompanied by a PDF attachment with the slides
    • We have updated videos for the New Model Type on the Rapid FP&A WorkZone

What is the message to YOU from this blog?

Best Practice Rapid Financial Planning & Analysis for SAP S/4HANA Content is FREE.

The Suite is Rapid. Simple. Standard.

The video series is FREE!

Follow-up questions to the the author are also FREE!

You now have the FREE-dom  to implement Best Practices for Rapid Financial Planning & Analysis  for SAP S/4HANA at your customer.

Review the SAP Analytics Cloud roadmap HERE

Request a feature in SAP Analytics Cloud HERE

To participate in the training -

(Note: The content referenced above is now on SAC's New Model Type, but the videos below are still on SAC's Classic Account Model as we await new videos!)

Step 1:  Watch this Video - which is an introduction to The Suite:

Financial Planning & Analysis Suite for SAP S/4HANA using SAP Analytics Cloud (Best Practices - Jan ...

Step 2: Watch the Videos below in any order and at any time

 Financial Planning
& Analysis
Sales PlanningWorkforce Planning
Documentation & External Links


Latest New Model

Documentation (2EB)


Latest New Model

Documentation (4DP)


Latest New Model

Documentation (3DJ)
Planning ProcessVideoVideoVideo


Memo -
S/4 Std Costing Videos:
Std Cost 1
Std Cost 2
Std Cost 3

Std Cost Calculation (BEG)
Reports (Summary, KPI, Trend, Variance)VideoVideoVideo

Planning Input Forms

Blog - Rolling Plan Process

Blog2 - Master Data on-the-fly

Blog 3 - Distribution of Values in Input Form




Blog - Seasonality

Calculations (Advanced Formulas / Account Formulas)

Blog - flexible currency conversion


Blog - S4 source availability

Blog2 - Import currency rates

Blog3 - Data Warehouse Cloud + SAC



Blog - Overview



Blog - S4 & SFSF integration

If you want to train on the entire suite, we suggest you watch FP&A videos top to bottom and then complete Sales and then Workforce top to bottom.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Can Best Practice financial planning solutions for SAP S/4HANA Cloud be implemented with SAP S/4HANA On-Premise?
    • Yes!   The planning models would be the same, and implementing the cloud connector will allow SAP Analytics Cloud to integrate with SAP S/4HANA on-premise.
  • Do the Rapid FP&A solutions come with sample data, so I can explore the solutions before any integration to my own data?
    • Yes!   Rapid FP&A, Sales, and Workforce planning all come with sample data.  Actuals from January 2022 to September 2023, and a Planning horizon from October 2023 to December 2024.
  • How do I learn more about support options for SAP S4HANA in the public cloud?


Enjoy the video series!

Thank you,

Mark P. Burke
SAP S/4HANA Cloud – Product Manager
Financial Planning & Analysis
Palo Alto, CA


Thank you to our referenced Blog contributors:    @dirkpelz @Max_Gander @Alecsandra @linda_peruzzi @thomas hausel