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On July 17, the first feature pack of HR Renewal 2.0 was shipped. It provides a completely new user experience to the SAP Payroll application and further enhancements to the HR Professional, Manager, and Employee role.

  • Personnel & Organization - Dynamic processing rules, enriched context-relevant navigation, and additional country versions

The business function HCM, Personnel & Organization 05 (HCM_PAO_CI_5) provides dynamic processing rules (DPR) for single infotypes and infotypes in the roadmap forms. DPRs are similar to the dynamic processing actions available for SAP GUI applications for the transactions PA40 and PA30. Whenever data are edited, DPRs can evaluate the change and either guide the user to the next infotype to be processed or automatically update infortypes in the background. Customers can use or adapt delivered DPRs, create their own DPRs (no modification). In case of errors, troubleshooting is easy thanks to an extensive error log from which allows direct navigation to the source of the error.

Business benefits are

    • Increased in data quality and legal/audit compliance
    • Clear user guidance through all steps
    • Reduce manual entries by enabling backend processing tasks
    • Rich configuration options for customer and country specific rule sets with low configuration TCO
    • Pre-configured content for all relevant country versions as best practice templates

The same business function also enables context-specific navigation options for employee and organizational master data. This new navigation option lets users seamlessly navigate to related infotypes, reports, other applications, as well as to information required to complete their tasks in as short a time as possible. Context-specific links are available for various countries, e.g. for Germany you can directly link to documentation provided by health insurance companies from the infotype General Social Insurance Data.

The business function HCM, Personnel & Organization Countries 02 (technical name HCM_LOC_CI_66) delivers additional country versions to administer employee master data for the following countries:

• Austria

• Colombia

• Czech Republic

• Ireland

• Malaysia

• Russia

• Saudi Arabia

• Singapore

• South Africa

  • Employee Self-Service - New SAP UI5-based applications

The business function HCM, Employee Self-Service on SAP UI5 2 (technical name HCM_ESS_UI5_2) offers a simplified, SAP UI5 based application Record Working Times and a new lane My Timesheet.

  • Archiving notes data of employee profile application

The business function HCM, Manager Self-Service on SAP UI5 3 (HCM_MSS_UI5_3) enables to archive/destroy notes using the archiving object HRMSS_NOTE. The notes to be destroyed can be filtered by employee group, employee subgroup, or country grouping.

  • New Payroll Control Center for the Payroll Process Manager

The business function Payroll Control Center for the Payroll Process Manager (technical name HCM_LOC_CI_68) enables payroll process managers to process payroll more efficiently, quicker and with higher data quality. The Payroll Control Center for the Payroll Manager is integrated with the Payroll Control Center for the Payroll Administrator delivered with HR Renewal 2.0 Initial  Shipment. It can be called from the HR Lanes. The Payroll Control Center allows to

• Plan payroll processes and all involved process steps

• Execute all required process steps of a payroll process

• Monitor the progress and status of all payroll processes

• Execute validation rules and distribute the identified issues and compliance violations to the responsible Payroll Administrator for correction

• Confirm successful execution of process steps, step groups, and processes

• Enable audit processes based on a log file which the system fills automatically and which the user can enhance by creating new log entries

  • New country version

The business function HCM, Localization of Payroll for Oman Private Sector (technical name HCM_LOC_CI_64) provides localized functions for personnel administration (e.g. social insurance, health and life insurance), payroll calculation (e.g. advance leave payment and various provisions calculations), and Employee Self-Service (e.g. Oman specific workflow to raise online requests for personal loans).

  • New country version

The business function HCM, Localization Topics for Kazakhstan (technical name HCM_LOC_CI_67)  delivers the following features

    • Calculation of Net Payments
    • Garnishments Processing
    • Deduction Limits o Aral and Semey Ecological Payments (to specify whether or not an employee works in the hazardous regions)
    • Absence Quota Generation and Absence Processing (including the generation of ecological vacation for employees who work in the Aral and Semey hazardous regions)

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