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This document will guide you how to use SSCUI to extend new fields within “Incompleteness Procedure” of sales item category. This case refers from a customer incident and aims to provide more details to illustrate SSCUI usage.

Please be aware of that Image/data in this document is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


Relevant SSCUIs are base on S/4HANA Cloud 2008.

Here we use “field extension of Storage Location as mandatory at sales item level within incompleteness procedure” as an example:


Login the system with certified user and open app “Manage Your Solution”

Choose country by the button “Set Country Version” and choose “Configure Your Solution”.

You can search SSCUI with number 101189 or filter field with below entries:

l Application Area: Sales

l Sub Application Area: Basic Functions

Incompleteness Procedure.

Step 1 Define Incompleteness Procedure

All SSCUI listed here could be used to create or fine tune customer specific entries regarding Incompleteness procedure topic.

Choose Configure in SSCUI “Define Incompleteness Procedure”:

Choose “B Sales - Item” and double click Procedures.

On Change View “Procedure”: Overview screen, recommend you to create new incompleteness procedure with your naming space of prefix Y or Z.

You also can create new incompleteness procedure, which refer from existing SAP predefined content.

For Example, choose I1 – standard item and choose Copy as.

Rename your copied entries to correct naming space and choose Copy.

Choose Copy All to avoid data inconsistency.

Choose Continue and select your created incompleteness procedure and click on “Fields”

You can see in Incompleteness procedure Z1 only contains one field of Net Value.

Choose New Entries to extend field “Storage Location” as an example:

Now you can see, field LGORT (Storage location) has been extended in new created Incompleteness procedure Z1.

Step 2 Assign Incompleteness Procedure to Item categories

Assign new created Incompleteness procedure to respective item category and choose Save.

Now, when you proceed business process by using item category TAN, field checking regarding Storage location is active.


本文档将指导您使用SSCUI在销售项目类别的不完整性处理过程中扩展新字段。本文档中的案例来自一个客户事件,并希望通过提供更多详细信息以说明 SSCUI 的使用情况。

请注意,本文档中的图像/数据来自 SAP 内部系统、示例数据或演示系统。任何与真实数据的相似性完全属于巧合。


相关 SSCUI 基于 S/4HANA Cloud 2008.



以认证用户身份登录系统,并打开应用程序 管理您的解决方案

通过 设置本地版本 按键选择国家 并点击 配置您的解决方案

您可以通过 SSCUI 101189 搜索相关SSCUI 或通过下列条目筛选字段:

l 应用程序范围:Sales

l 子应用程序范围:Basic Functions

l 项目名称:不完整性处理过程

步骤 1 定义不完整性过程

本文档列出的SSCUI 均可用于创建或微调客户与不完整性过程相关的特定条目。

SSCUI 定义不完全的处 条目选择配置

选择 B 销售 – 项目 双击 过程.

更改视图“过程”:概览 界面中,创建新的不完整性处理过程时,建议您在命名空间中的新名字以YZ开头。


例如,选择 I1 – 标准项目并选择 复制为

将您复制的条目重命名为正确命名空间并选择 复制

选择 复制所有 避免数据不一致。

点击继续,选中您创建的不完整性处理过程并双击 字段

您会发现不完整性处理过程Z1中只包含 净值 一个字段。

选择 新条目 来扩展存储地点等字段:

现在您可以看到,新创建的不完整性处理过程Z1LGORT 字段(存储地点) 已经被扩展。

步骤 2 将不完整过程分配给项目类别

将对应项目类别的 过程 改为新创建的不完整性过程,并选择 保存

现在,当您在进行业务流程调用项目类别 TAN时,关于存储位置的字段检查将被激活。