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This document will guide you how to use SSCUI to create customer specific “Partner Function” and “Partner Function Conversion”. This refers from a customer incident and aims to provide complete details reducing similar mistakes.


Relevant SSCUI will base on S/4HANA Cloud.


1. Login the system with certified user and open app “Manage Your Solution”

2. Choose country by the button “Set Country Version” and choose “Configure Your Solution”.

3. Find and choose the SSCUI via the path: Application Area: Sales -> Sub Application Area: Basic Functions -> Item Name: Partner Determination.

Create Partner Function

4. All SSCUI listed below could be used to create customer specific function, here we use “Set up Partner Determination for Sales Document Header” as an example, choose the “Configure” button.

5. Choose “Partner Functions” tab and “New Entries” to create customer specific entry.

6. Maintain Partner Function’s attribute, for example: Partner Function Key, Name, Type, etc. and choose “Save” button.

Create Partner Function Conversion

7. Choose “Partner Function Conversion” tab and “New Entries” to create customer specific entry.

8. Maintain Partner Function’s conversion, for example: Partner Function: Z9 and Partner Function Description: XX and choose “Save” button.


Don’t leave field “Partner Description – Lang.spec.part.func.” blank during create the partner function conversion.

Language EN is determined by logon language.





相关SSCUI运行在S/4HANA Cloud上。


1. 认证客户登录系统,打开APP “管理您的解决方案

2. 点击按钮“设置本地版本”来选择国家,然后选中配置您的解决方案

3. 通过如下步骤来找到SSCUI:


子应用程序范围:Basic Functions

项目名称:Partner Determination

1. 创建合作伙伴职能
4. 下面列出的所有SSCUI均可用于创建客户特定功能,此处以设置销售凭证抬头的合作伙伴确定为例。

a. a. 选择“配置”按钮。

b. b. 选中“合作伙伴功能”选项卡,点击“新条目”创建客户特定条目。

c. c. 维护合作伙伴功能的属性,例如:合作伙伴功能值,名称,类型等,然后选择“保存”按钮。

5. 创建合作伙伴功能转换

a. 选择合作伙伴功能转换选项卡和新条目以创建客户特定的条目。

b. b. 维护合作伙伴功能转换,例如:合作伙伴功能:Z9,合作伙伴功能描述:XX,然后点击“保存”按钮。


在创建合作伙伴功能转换期间,请勿将“合作伙伴职能(语言特定)– 特定语言的合伙人功能”字段留空。 语言ZH由登录语言决定。

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