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Product hierarchies are an effective way of organizing materials or products along multiple levels, for uses such as pricing or analytics. This allows the system to analyze data at a higher level, rather than examining hundreds of materials or products individually.

Data model of Product Hierarchies

This section describes how product hierarchies are implemented from the technical perspective.

The data model of product hierarchies builds upon transaction data, master data (I_Product), and hierarchy data. Transaction data refer to data generated during business transactions. As a collective dataset of products and via association with transaction data, master data (I_Product) empowers the dimensioning of transaction data by product. Such dimensioning can be mapped to a hierarchy, which contains hierarchical relationship among various nodes.

The following example presents the data model behind product hierarchies for sales quotations.


CDS view


Transaction data


Transaction data related to business objects, such as sales quotations, sales orders

Master data


Collective dataset of products

Hierarchy data


Hierarchical relationship of nodes, which map to dimensions of transaction data

Manage Product Hierarchies

You can create or edit product hierarchies in the Manager Product Hierarchies app.

Note: Before using the app, add the business role "SAP_BR_PRODMASTER_SPECIALIST" to your user ( sap help ).

Use Product Hierarchies in Design Studio or Web Dynpro Apps

The following example describes how to use product hierarchies in Sales Quotations - Flexible Analysis, a Design Studio app.


Before using product hierarchies in transactional or analytical apps, add the business catalog SAP_CMD_BC_PRODUCT_DSP_PC to your user.


1.In the Sales Quotations - Flexible Analysis app, add the Product dimension to columns.

2. In the analysis result area, right-click on Product and choose Hierarchy > Select Hierarchy.

3. Select a desired hierarchy.

Analysis results are organized by the product hierarchy.

4. You can also expand or collapse the hierarchy as required.

Other Notes

When you select a hierarchy, product hierarchies available for selection differ between Design Studio and Web Dynpro apps. In Design Studio apps, only product hierarchies within their validity period are available. In Web Dynpro apps, all product hierarchies are shown regardless of their validity.

• Select product hierarchy in Design Studio app

• Select product hierarchy in Web Dynpro app