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With the "Manage Sales Plans" and "Sales Performance – Plan/Actual" apps, you can set sales targets and monitor target fulfillment. If the standard fields offered by the two apps do not suffice in your business transactions (e.g., in transactions related to sales orders and billing documents), you can create custom fields. They serve as dimensions by which sales plans are managed and sales performance is analyzed or compared.

Creating Custom Field

1. Open the "Custom Fields and Logic" app (you may need the role ANALYTICS_SPECIALIST).

2. When create custom fields, choose one of the following business contexts:

· Sales: Sales Document

· Sales: Sales Document Item

· Sales: Billing Document

· Sales: Billing Document Item

3. In the UIs and Reports area, enable usage for the following:

  • Manage Sales Plans (SD_SALESPERF)

  • Sales Performance – Plan/Actual (SD_SALESPLAN)

  • Usage of Custom Field

    In the "Manage Sales Plan" app, you can select the new custom field as a dimension and manage sales plans by the field (dimension).

    In the "Sales Performance – Plan/Actual" app, you can compare planned and actual performance data by the new custom field.


    · In the Sales Performance – Plan/Actual app, the dimensions in the View By list are dynamically fetched from the Manage Sales Plan app.

    · If a custom field in the Manage Sales Plan app does not exist in View By list of the Sales Performance – Plan/Actual app, ensure that Enable Usage has been activated in the Custom Fields and Logic app (as described in Step 3 above).