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In 2002CE, a new feature of down payment processing on contract has been deliveried.


The down payment billing plan will be used in quantity contract, the sales order can be created based on the quantity contract. After the down payment billing plan is defined in the contract item, it is possible to create down payment request form the contract directly. Then the down payment request can be flowed from SD to FI and generate FI document accordingly. The delivery block on sales order is used to block the order from deliverying by prepaid down payment check. Before the down payment request is fully paid for contract, the sales order which is created from contract cannot be processed for delivery due to the prepaid delivery block. Once the down payment is fully paid by customer, the down payment request is cleared on contract basis and the delivery block will be automatically removed from sales orders. Then the outbound delivery documents will be created from sales orders. Customer invoice will be created from the outbound delivery document afterwards. The final invoice should deduct the prepaid part in the down payment request on contract. The delivery block can only be removed when the down payment is fully paid and the block reason code is not manually changed to the other code different from the reason code configured in the billing plan type.

Businesse Process

Updating the contract down payment satus and removing the delivery block will happen asynchronously during posting the down payment request in FI side. To avoid stopping the processing of posting, the changing on contract and sales order will be done in the background RFC. All the operations happen on the contract and sales order will be stored in the log. The user can get what happen to the document with the application log.

Trouble shooting

  1. The down payment status on contract is Partially Paid (Missing Amount). The user can know which down payment request is partially paid.

  2. If the journal entry is reset, the down payment status will also be reset and the informations is stored in the log.

  3. If the delivery block on the sales order is removed, the informations can be seen from the sales order log.

  4. If the contract item is fully paid, but the delivery block in sales order item is not removed automatically. The updating to the contract item will be logged but there is no log in the sales order. The reason is that the delivery block in the sales order is not equal to the default code configured in the billing plan type.

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