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One of the rather complicated challenges for sales managers is to track sales performance by combining the perspectives of

  • what should be achieved (i.e. sales target planing),

  • what is likely to be achieved (i.e. opportunity pipeline) and

  • what has been achieved (i.e. sales orders and invoices).

With the embedded analytics of SAP Business ByDesign this is easily possible. In the demo below you see how you can bring all the perspectives above into a single KPI using your tablet:

If you do not have access to a 1811 SAP Business ByDesign reference system in which you find the "Projected Sales" KPI as sample content you can find below what needs to be done to set this up.

Here you find more if you want to learn detail about other tablet based scenarios and apps like proj...

Setup of the source reports for the "Projected Sales" KPI

The KPI is based on three reports which you can find in the "Managing my area" work center for sales and marketing managers. Of course you can use also any other report as the basis. In order to adapt the report views and selections for your needs and to make your changes available for all users you need to do the changes in the "Business Analytics" work center (and not from the normal user work centers).

  1. Sales Targets for Incoming Orders (Manager): This is the basis report which has the projected net sales key figure which combines sales orders and weighted opportunities. I have used a drill down by Sales Unit for “My Teams” and “Current Year” for the date. Please be aware that this report will only provide results if you also have setup sales targets using sales planning in the managing my area work center.

2. Opportunity Funnel: The second report which gives details on the opportunities, sales quotes and sales orders by sales unit and account. Drill down is the same as above by Sales Unit for “My Teams” and “Current Year” for the date.

3. Sales Order Volume: The third report which allows to compare the orders with the invoices. Drill down is the same as above by Sales Unit for “My Teams” and “Current Year” for the date.

In the Business Analytics work center you can also create and change KPI's. In the following can you see the settings for the Leads KPI's.

1.) General KPI settings: Here you reuse the views and selections (e.g. current year) from the source reports

2.) KPI Values and Thresholds: Again you can reuse the views and selections (e.g. last year) from the reports above

3.) KPI Additional Contexts: These are the additional reports we have setup above. Please ensure that you use the right selections and views.

More details on customer analytics can be found here: