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In this blog I would like to share my thoughts on how to become successfull with SAP Business One in the Cloud. It takes some steps to get up and running which mostly starts with a cloud infrastructure but on the other hand, don't under estimate the changing sales cycle that comes automatically when selling cloud applications like SAP Business One.

In my role as SAP Business One Cloud Specialist I get in contact with a lot of partners with questions regarding Cloud set-up and infrastructure based on HANA, this but also questions about a changing business model when selling SAP Business One in the Cloud drives me to inform you in serveral topics about what is relevant and which questions will come on your path when taking the next step: 'Being successfull with SAP Business One HANA in the Cloud'.

I will address serveral topics which are relevant when talking about cloud, not only the infrastuctural set-up but also sales cycles that will be affected.

What drives you to go for cloud?

Personally I was triggered a couple of years ago when Rinse Tamsma (former Vice-President Global Sales Business One) kicked off the B1 Summit in Kopenhagen. He showed a graph about the SME market and demand for ERP solutions, there was a differentation between On-Premise and Cloud. The percentage of requests in the market for Cloud was more than 52%. I was working for a SAP Business One partner at that moment and responsible for sales, my conclusion was that I had contact with less than 50% of the market because we were not offering SAP Business One in the cloud. I could sell more but did not have the 'cloud solution' and price model. That more or less frustrated me and brought me at the point to think about cloud and what it could do for our business.

I will explain in this blog the steps to take and questions which are relevant when going for cloud, based on my experience but also based on the request from SAP Business One Partners. Doing this by mainly by explaining the steps and sharing information which is already available on SCN.

This blog will be updated from time to time as I will try to add new information every week.

The following topics will be covered in this blog.

  • A cloud business model
  • Cloud infrastructure
    • HANA Sizing
    • High Availability on HANA
    • Cloud Control Center
  • Sales and marketing in a new perspective

Finally SAP Partners get the best opportunitie to become successful in cloud as they have the contract with the end customer. Look at this article which explains that SAP Business One Partners a in a good position to sell Cloud!

About me:

I work at SAP and working with SAP Business One for the last 8 years in a variety of roles. Currently I look after SAP Business One Cloud and spend much of my time working with partners to help them take advantage of the new and exciting opportunities that have emerged since it's release. You can follow me on Twitter @CB_Rijssen if you want to hear more!

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