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Use Case: Sales Reps of a company often have dedicated assigned accounts. These account related information and details are strongly confidential in regards to other Sales Reps. This result that a Sales Rep should never have a possibility to read or access individual account details of another Sales Rep colleague.

On the other hand, all the available account details like master data, open documents, activities, doc history, finance related docs and others should be available for the assigned Sales Rep in SAP Business ByDesign as prominent known in case of working without restriction needs and to provide all of SAP Business ByDesign benefits.

In a nut shell, this is a summary of the requirement:

-              Sales Rep with several assigned accounts

-              Account Management data access only to assigned accounts

-              Fact sheet overview and access to Sales Orders only for assigned accounts

-              Being able to create new Sales Orders (only) for assigned accounts

-              Fact sheet overview and access to customer invoices only for assigned accounts

-              Being able to create activities only for assigned accounts

-              Using some Marketing features like New Business

One solution could be to pro-actively provide configured reports in a recurrent manner to all Sales Reps.

Another Approach is described in the following instruction:


Check / Enhance Business Configuration Setting: Questions


Please goto WoC Business Configuration and check:

--> This mentioned question needs to be flagged to benefit from the following approach.


Masterdata Prerequisites


Account Management

All accounts, which should be handled separately, and which should not be accessible for a “Restricted Sales Rep” need to have a Party Role “Employee Responsible – Sales” maintained.

Accounts, which haven’t a Party Role “Employee Responsible – Sales” assigned, are visible and accessible for all users (with corresponding access rights).


Creating a Business Role


WoC Application and User Management --> Business Roles



Work Center and View Assignments


WoC: Account Management




WoC: Business Partner Factsheet Access Control



WoC: Marketing



WoC: New Business



WoC: Sales Orders




Access Restrictions of mentioned Business Role




Business User Maintenance


Assign and restrict Business User rights





Assign created Business Role to relevant Sales Rep User



Check WoC Assignments



Maintain User Access Restrictions



Example: Restriction


Adjust UI options


To restrict an available access to other Accounts, the “Relationship”-tab in “Contacts” need to be de-selected via Keyuser Adaptation Mode:





Test and Check result


WoC: Account Management


Select: All Accounts

Result: Only assigned accounts are displayed in the OWL

Corporate Account Overview, Sales Fact Sheet

Result: All account related docs can be monitored, Links to deep dive as well.


Corporate Account Overview, Service Fact Sheet


Result: All account related docs can be monitored, Links to deep dive as well.


Corporate Account Overview, Financial Fact Sheet


Result: All account related Invoices can be monitored, links for deep dive to document details as well.





WoC: Account Management, WoC View: Activities with Account Restrictions


Result: Only Activities of assigned accounts are reachable




Creating a New Activity Task


Result: “New activity Tasks” can be created only for assigned accounts.


WoC: Sales Order, Select All Sales Orders


Result: Only individually created Sales Orders by the Sales Rep user are displayed



Known Limitation


To benefit most for the mentioned approach and to avoid negative by-pass effects the Enterprise Search needs to be de-activated (as of now).


Summary: Going forward with this approach, many of in SAP Business ByDesign available customer and sales related information can be provided to responsible Sales Rep's with the advantage, that information which should be hidden for these users could not be accessed (read and write).