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As of lately, I was confronted with a question regarding a report showing intercompany (ICo) projects and their respective "origin projects". The "origin project" information - since a few releases - is available in the UI of ICo projects, but it is not part of project management data sources and there is no standard report - although the information is available.

This blog post will show you how to build an "Intercompany Projects" report using key user tools.

With the report, you will be able to answer questions like.

  • Which companies / intercompany projects contribute to my projects?

  • Which intercompany projects were not created but should have been created for my "origin projects"?

  • Which companies / "origin projects" do I support through intercompany projects?

In order to build the report, you need to create

  • A joined data source and

  • The report with selections and views.

Data source "Intercompany Projects"

In Work center Business Analytics, work center view Design Data Sources, create a joined data source (inner join) with the following data sources:

  • Purchase Order Account Assignment,

  • Sales Order Item

    • Join condition: Purchase Order Account Assignment - Purchase Order ID = Sales Order Item - External Reference

    • Why do you have to choose this coditino?
      When you create and send an ICo purchase order to a company in your group, the system creates a sales order that contains the purchase order ID in the external reference field. The sales order items are linked to the ICo project.

  • Project

    • Join condition: Sales Order Item - Project (Project-based Item) = Project - Project

Please use the following fields from the three data sources and rename the field names as per the following picture:

I chose to use the access context of the left data source "1007 Company" as access context for my data source.

Report "Intercompany Projects"

Report creation

This is what you have to do in the guided activity for report creation (Work center Business Analytics, work center view Reports):

  • Step 1 - Create a new report for data source "Intercompany Projects" and name it "Intercompany Projects".

  • Step 2 - step over with Next.

  • Step 3 - select all characteristics.

  • Step 4 - As per the next picture, bring the characteristics into the sequence shown, introduce value selections, remove "Accounting Type" from being displayed, and rename a few characteristics.

  • Step 5 - Set the selection type for all variables to "Any Selection" and Press Finish

Selection and View Creation

I introduced the following selections and views:

  • Selection: Existing process chains (default)

  • Selection: Erroneous process chains

  • View: Origin and ICo Projects (default)

  • View: Process Chain

Please take the selections and view from the following images:

  • Report on existing ICo projects

  • Report on erroneous process chains.Typical issues are:

    • Erroneous configuration (Purchase order sent, but no sales order created). This is something that you may encounter when setting up the ICo process.

    • Purchase orders not yet sent for different reasons

    • Sales orders still being "in preparation"

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