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As of lately I was confronted with the statement that when you want to report on assignment of expense report receipts to cost objects, you cannot do it as of now.

This is only partially correct. Yes, the Expense and Reimbursement Management data source "Allocated Expenses" (FINERMU03) shows the allocation of cost to the individual cost objects but misses e.g. the receipt. However, of course, our Financials - once a posting took place - does know every detail.

So, let's try to leverage this information and build a report that shows expense reports, receipts, mileages and their corresponding cost allocation.

This is the targeted result: :

To get here, create an analytics report in the Business Analytics work center. This is what you have to do per step in the guided activity:

  • Step 1: Name the report "Expense report cost assignments". The data source to be used is "Journal Entries" (FINGLAU03).

  • Step 2: Only select key figure "Company Currency Amount".

  • Step 3: Select the characteristics as per the following image:

  • Step 4: Please find a suggestion for which characteristics to enable as selection criteria here:
    Please note that I renamed two characteristics.
    For the fixed value selections, select the type codes for cost center and the different project process variants  as Primary Cost Object Type. Choose 47 (Expense Report) for Reference Source Document Type.

  • Step 5: Please follow the next image for defining the variables for selection. Set of Books must be a mandatory selection criterion. Unfortunately, you can't use a relative select for Set of Books. So, the recommendation is to choose the reporting set of books which you usually have when your ByDesign implementation covers different companies in different countries. If this is not pre-filled, the user needs to select it when running the report.

Now, the report is available and you need to assign it to some reasonable work center view.

When it comes to the view, please check out the first screen shot in this blog post. As far as cost objects are concerned, you can either use the concrete cost objects (here: Cost Center, Project Task) or use the Primary Cost Object ID. The ID is the concatenated cost object ID + the primary cost object type.