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Hello folks,

Finally I have a little bit of inspiration to create a blog post :smile: . Today I'd like to show you how to integrate custom information from an IDOC to your ME object, i.e. material, shop order etc, as a ME custom field by slightly brushing MEINT workflow and using modified XSLT.

First of all you'd have to create a placeholder for custom data in ME by adding custom field to a ME object. Let's assume that we want to add some characteristics for material even though there is a dedicated IDOC type for this - CLFMAS. I just want to show the sequence of steps and logic that can be used to add custom information for any ME object, i.e. BOM, Shop Order etc. Thus we should go to Custom Data Maintenance in ME and add couple of custom fields there:

These fields are visible now and can be used in Material Maintenance on Custom Data tab:

Now MEINT integration workflow for MATMAS idoc has to be customized to accept the information from IDOC fields and add it to Material creation WS request to ME. I'll customize Z_MATMAS03 worflow, therefore I need to go to SAPMEINT Workflow Configuration and check which XSLT is used for the workflow I'm interested in:

After this I need to find the XSLT in MII Workbench, save a copy to a new MII project and modify it by adding <CustomFieldList> block:

You could add more complex XSLT logic here, but for simplicity I'm assuming that COLOR and TYPE idoc fields are always there.

Next step is to reference my custom XSLT in Z_MATMAS03 workflow which I'm customizing:

That's it. Now we can test the setup by sending IDOC with COLOR and TYPE fields:

..and voilà:

... the custom data fields are integrated and are available in ME Material Maintenance.

Hope this short guide will help you guys to understand how MEINT works and how it can be tweaked/customized to integrate required information from ECC to ME that is specific to your implementation.

Thanks for reading. Any advises/questions/comments and ratings will be highly appreciated.

Best Regards,
Konstantin Chernega