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The SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library is the primary documentation source for all information on Fiori apps. It can be accessed through the following URL:




The purpose of this blog is to guide you on:

     1.       How to use this Library for SAP S/4 HANA (On-Premise / Cloud)

     2.       Explain the Aggregate Feature to list the aggregated information of all the apps

     3.       Describe how to download all the relevant Fiori apps information (functional / technical) into a spreadsheet

     4.       Provide information on the “Fiori Relevance and Readiness” analysis


How to use the Library for SAP S/4 HANA (On-premise / Cloud)

Step 1:

Filter for S/4 HANA, choose “By Back–End Product” under “Categories” in the left pane

You will see the screen as follows:

Step 2:


Filter for SAP S/4HANA for information on all Native Fiori apps for “On Premise” If you are looking for Cloud solution apps, filter for “SAP S/4HANA Cloud”

It also shows the total number of Fiori apps currently available for the respective solution. You can see that 319 Fiori apps currently available in SAP S/4 HANA On-Premise, for example.


Step 3:


After applying the filter for the Back-end product version as SAP S/4HANA, all relevant Fiori apps are displayed. These Fiori apps are grouped per user role. In this example, all apps pertaining to “Accounts Payable Accountant” user role are displayed on the left pane.

Apps can be filtered further by “Roles” using the “Filter” icon at the bottom. As an example, I have filtered for apps for the “Strategic Buyer” Role


The Grey “Star” icon shown for specific apps is to show that these apps have been improved in the SAP S/4 HANA Cloud version.


The Blue “Star” icon shows “new apps delivered with SAP S/4 HANA Cloud”


Step 4:

Let us explore an app “Contract Leakage” and find all details about the app. Select the “Contract Leakage” entry in the left pane



For most of the apps, screenshots of the apps are provided to get a first impression.


Detailed documentation about the app can be found through the “App Documentation” link under the “Product Features” tab. This takes the user to the very specific documentation link on “Procurement Analytics”.



Functional team members can now understand the complete use case  and the calculation logic.


For technical team members more information is available under the “Implementation Information” tab.



All these details can be explored by expanding the specific node.


The Installation node contains information on Front-end and Back-end components of the particular Fiori app.


The Configuration node contains all information required for the Fiori Launchpad configuration including the authorization PFCG roles and information about OData services, which have to be activated to make use of the app. Keep in mind that the OData services pull the business information from the backend, so if they are not activated you won't see any business data in the app.



The Extensibility node contains information for app extensions.


The Support node contains the application component information for raising incidents with SAP for the particular app. Most Fiori issues are not related to the Fiori framework itself, but to business application logic specifics.



Additional Features of the “Fiori Apps Reference Library”


Aggregate Feature to list the aggregated information of all the apps


You can get an “aggregated” view of all the apps through:

  1. Selecting all the apps as shown in the screen

  2. Click on the “Aggregate” button at the bottom of the left pane


Drop-down options in the right pane allow you to select the solution and version of the software.



The Library provides the aggregated information about all the Fiori apps, which can be seen by expanding the specific nodes.



It is possible to change and apply more filters using the “Filter” icon at the left bottom of the screen


How to download all the relevant Fiori app information (functional / technical) into a spreadsheet


  • Select “List view” option in the bottom of the right pane as shown in the screen


On the next screen,

  • Select the appropriate “Product Suite” as SAP S/4HANA (which will select both on premise and cloud version)

  • Select the appropriate “Required Back-end Product” as SAP S/4HANA

  • Click on the “Download” button.


The list view offers a tabular view of all the apps and the displayed columns can be customized by the “Column Display” settings (Gear) button as shown below



Be default, “List view” opens an “Overview” page. The List view comes with two more variants for showing “Installation Details” and “Fiori Launchpad Content”.

This can be selected by clicking on the “Overview” drop-down button.


Installation Details view:


Fiori Launchpad Content view:



Information about the SAP Fiori App Relevance and Readiness Analysis


With the Relevance and Readiness Analysis in the SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library, you can identify the SAP Fiori apps that fit your needs best. Relevance describes the SAP Fiori apps relevant for you based on the business processes you use. Readiness describes how ready your system is to use SAP Fiori apps.


The analysis provides you with the following information:

  • The SAP Fiori apps relevant for your business processes

  • The SAP Fiori apps already installed which can be used without a system update

  • The SAP Fiori apps that can be used assuming a software update or database migration

  • Installations required in order to use certain SAP Fiori apps


This information is determined based on a list of transaction codes uploaded to the Library before.,

Additionally, you can check the readiness of your system landscape by providing a list of installed software component versions. This will show you whether all required components are already installed in your landscape or it would display the missing product versions required for installing an SAP Fiori app.


Please find the documentation link on how to perform this analysis:



You can start the analysis from the home page of the Library by logging in with your SAP Service Marketplace user id.

Any information missing in the Library that you are looking for? Kindly let us know in the blog comments. Looking forward to your feedback and enjoy exploring our updated and new Fiori apps.