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What is equipment and its hierarchy.

It is product or part of product that can be maintained independently. Equipment hierarchy is combination of many equipment numbers where there is a super node which then having sub nodes and each node can be repaired or maintained independently.

To create equipment hierarchy first you must serialize the material. There are 2 ways to link serial   number, material and equipment number.

  1. Link the serial number and material to an existing equipment number.

  2. Create the equipment number automatically while creating the serial number for the material during the posting of production order. This can be done through serial number profile configurations.

Once the equipment number is assigned or generated for serial number and material you can create the hierarchal structure of related equipment numbers. Below are the steps to create a hierarchy.

1. For a given material create a serial number(IQ01) and activate equipment view for that serial number if not activated by itself. This will allow system to generate an equipment number for the serial number assigned to the material.

Consider this material as super node. Leave the Superord.Equip. Initial.

2. Now take a second material and create serial number and equipment number for this material as mentioned in previous step. Goto Structure tab and assign equipment number created in previous step as super equipment.

3. Similarly create serial number and equipment number for some other materials and assign super node as equipment number created in first step. This will give you child nodes for the super node.

4. GoTo IQ04 to see the hierarchy created for the super node. Click on detail list.

From detail list GoTo structure tab-> Hierarchy List . Here give the equipment number and valid from date. Execute.

Below you can see the structure created for super equipment node. Similarly, you can add sub node to any of the sub node of the super node to get a tree like structure.

5. Goto-IQ03. We can also edit the hierarchy. We can install or dismantle the equipment in the hierarchy by clicking on the sub-equipment button.

To create equipment hierarchy through function module, use BAPI ‘BAPI_EQMT_INSTALLHR’. As input give the super node and sub node and execute it will create new sub node to super equipment node.



Ila Chaudhary