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How to Create Cost Center in Cloud

You need to create a Cost Center in Fiori. The creation of cost center group master data must be executed in both the Q-System and P-System.


SAP S/4HANA Cloud.


Apps Used:

  • Manage Cost Center

  • Manage Cost Center Group

  • Business Roles Required:


    • Procedure:

      1. Create cost center master data and assignment to the standard hierarchy using the Manage Cost Center app. Cloud default content is always shipped with Standard Hierarchy 0001. Standard Hierarchy 0001 is the default structure and during cost center master data creation all cost centers get assigned to 0001. The Standard Hierarchy 0001 is always fixed and no lower level cost center groups can be added. Standard Hierarchy 0001 is not editable in the Manage Cost Center Groups app by design. Reference the Create Cost Center and Cost Center Group (BNM) accelerator for additional information.

      2. Create Alternative Cost Center Hierarchy using the Manage Cost Center Group. Customers can create an alternative cost center hierarchy as this is freely defined/maintained by customers and any lower level groups can be assigned. Each cost center must be specifically added to your defined alternative cost center hierarchy via Manage Cost Center Group app. The recommended example structure is shown below but others are possible:

        1. Top Level: A000 (controlling area)

        2. Second Level: company code

        3. Third level: further grouping by functions/location (ex. Finance/ Admin etc.)

        4. Fourth level: individual cost centers

        5. Repeat the process in the P-system. The setup is master data and thus cannot be transported.

        6. SAP Knowledge Base Article: 2720597 - How to Create Cost Center in Fiori Cloud

          Written by Cassiano Lins