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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Dear all

This blog is to create easily for your report with using Customs CDS View to analytic query.

First of all, check the view Browser app whether similar report is already available or not.

Relevant blog is the link as below

View Browser: How to find suitable views matching a business requirement and display its content for...

If no report to meet the requirement, Decide the options

  • Option1. Create custom analytic queries from custom CDS view

  • Option2. Expose OData API from custom CDS view ( Option2 will be added in the next blog)

Option1.  Custom Analytical Query from custom CDS view

Step1> App: Custom CDS Views open

and click the create and select the scenario " Analytical Cube"

Step2> add the data source

First select the Primary data source

Add Associate data source, if first data source cannot covered all required value.

Step3> Joint the condition

In this case join condition is "product", so select "product" in the associate data source.

and Select the additional join condition if required as an example below "plant"

and defined "Parameter Value" if parameter is required, after setting is done, check the color from red to blue.

Step4> Go to tap “Elements”

Add the all elements what we need in the report.

Step5> Go to the tap “Element Properties”

During searching the each field, check the selection is correct.

For example, in case of current stock quantity and open order quantity need to be aggregated, select the "no operation"

Step6> Go to the tap Filter - this is optional

If you need some filter option as an example sales organization, then add the filter.

Step7> All are done, then click the “Check” and " Preview" button

Step8> Click Publish

then now is custom CDS view is completed.

and continue to create custom analytical query based on created custom CDS view

Step9> Click the next step and choose "custom analytical queries"

Step10> Creating analytical query base on created custom CDS view as above

In Data source, select customs CDS view “ YY1OPENSALESORDER”

Step11> Select the field selection ( need to select all fields if you want to display in the report)

Step12> Click the “save draft” and check “preview

Step13> Click export to download excel for checking the data

Step14> Click the publish

Hope this blog helps to make custom analytical queries easy create.

Thank you