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Hello everyone,

We understand that some customers may implement SAP notes to use a solution because they cannot wait for upgrading to a new support package. The eDocument for Taiwan solution may be one of those cases. And during the implementation, you may have a lot of doubts on how to create an IMG structure and insert it to the upper structure. Let’s try this step by step.

1. Run transaction SIMGH.

2. Click the Create IMG Structure button . Enter ‘eDocument Taiwan’ in the Explanatory Text field. Assign the package GLO-EDO-TW and save it.

3. Click the Insert activity as subnode button .

4. Enter ‘EDOTWPROCSSDV’ in the ID field and press Enter. The information will be filled out automatically. Please do not change any data. Otherwise you will change the Customizing activity. This is especially important since the Customizing activity is already in your system after you implement the SAP notes.

5. Click Back and add other Customizing activities in the same steps above.

6. You can adjust the sequence of those Customizing activities by drag-and-drop.


After adding the Customizing activities, please add the Business Add-Ins with the following steps:

1. Click the Insert structure nodes as subnodes button .

2. Enter 'Business Add-Ins (BAdIs)' as the Node Text, and click Continue.

3. Follow the steps mentioned above to add the BAdIs under the node 'Business Add-Ins (BAdIs)'.


Now you can add the eDocument Taiwan structure to the upper eDocument structure using the enhancement ID. Why an enhancement ID? In transaction SIMGH, search for the eDocument structure, and click Display. Click Additional Information -> Additional Information -> Enhancement ID, and you will see that all other countries use an enhancement ID to insert their own IMG structure to the eDocument structure. To add your IMG structure using this enhancement ID, proceed as follows:

1. Run transaction S_IMG_EXTENSION.

2. Enter ‘eDocument’ in the IMG Structure field using F4 help and select ID-SAP_APPL in the Enhancement ID Always remember to search in the Enhancement ID: Original tab first. If the enhancement ID is not there, try the Enhancement ID: Not original tab.

3. Click Enhance Structure.

4. Expand the Country-Specific Settings node and click Spain. You put your Taiwan structure after Spain according to the alphabetical order.

5. Click Edit -> Nodes -> Insert IMG Structure -> On Same Level. Enter ‘Taiwan’ in the Node name field and click the Find structure button.


6. Enter ‘eDocument Taiwan’ in the Title field and click Execute. Select the eDocument Taiwan structure and add it.

7. Save it.


Now your Taiwan structure is ready for use under the eDocument structure. This method of creating an IMG structure and inserting it to the upper structure can be applied to other IMG structures as well. Note that for those IMG structures that do not need enhancement IDs, you can just insert them using transaction SIMGH.

Any doubts or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.



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