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You can add automatic exchange rate differences in SAP Business One window Financials > Exchange Rate Difference. This functionality provides recommendations for exchange rate differences in FC business partners and accounts, correct to a given date.

How to analyze if the automatic journal transactions are proposed with correct amount?

First ensure you have ticked option "Enable Opening Row Details" on the Selection Criteria:

Then in window "Exchange Rate Differences", you can view the exchange difference amount per G/L account or BP code.  To check the base transactions taken into consideration for calculating the exchange rate difference, you need to double click the row:

Another window “Exchange Rate Differences – Rows Details” opens, the transactions displayed here are including following:

  1. All transactions existed before the Execution Date, which are recorded in the selected Foreign currency, and with open balance due in this Foreign currency;

  2. The automatic exchange rate difference postings added in the past.

Take Journal ID 14 for example, the exchange rate difference -5888.58 is calculated by Balance in FC * Rate on execution date - Balance in LC = -17536.06/1.0898-(-10202.50) The sum of the exchange rate difference is -105448.40 which is a bit different to the Difference amount -105448.41 displayed in window "Exchange Rate Differences", this is not an error. As -105448.40 is summarized on the rounded exhchange rate difference amount per transaction; whereas -105448.41 is rounded on the total exchange rate difference from all transactions.

Kindy note:

  1. The option “Consider Recon. Date” will impact the transactions to be displayed later. For example, if you set the Execution Date to a past date with ticking this option, then the balance due at the Execution Date is what to be considered by the system, that's to say any balance due cleared between the execution date and current date will still be considered by the system.

  2. If you have created manual Journal Entries to post the exchange rate difference, they will not be displayed here.

  3. In some localizations transactions are not included if they will not generate a difference even if they have open balance due.