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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Hi everyone,

You must have noticed that the requirements of eSocial include a range of validation rules that verify specific conditions of generation and transmission of events.

But what’s the role of these rules in eSocial?

These rules determine which events are subject to which actions in which circumstances. That is, these rules regulate how eSocial system works in different environments. For example, in order to generate the event tabela de estabelecimentos e obras, the event informações do empregador should exist and be valid in the period.

The Brazilian government has established standard validation rules, and they are available online in eSocial official website, under Documentação Técnica -> Leiautes e respectivos esquemas XSD.

Since you can choose whether to use the standard validation rules or to create your own rules, we developed a solution to help your company run simple.

Recently we have launched CEVR (Customizable validation rules for eSocial), which is a flexible tool to adapt the eSocial validation rules to the specific context of each company. This new functionality was delivered in SAP Note 2317142.

How does it work?

To insert rules in the system, you should use the customizing activity under Cálc.folha pagamento Brasil -> eSocial -> Configurações básicas -> CEVR: regras de validação customizáveis para o eSocial -> Criar regras de validação para eventos. When generating or sending events through eSocial reports, the system reads the rules you created and generates error or warning messages, according to the behavior you set in the rules.

We prepared this video to help you understand how you can customize the validation rules and how these rules work in generating an eSocial event:

You can find the video on Youtube in SAP Brasil channel, or in eSocial playlist.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to leave feedbacks, comments or questions below.


Best regards,

Rosana Ernzen