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Hi everyone,

As described in this blog post, on April 27, 2021, the Brazilian government published the Provisional Measures 1.045 and 1.046/2021, which covers the emergency labor measures adopted by the government, with the purpose of mitigating the economic impact caused by the pandemic of COVID-19. Therefore, in this blog post you will find the following information:

  • Legal changes recap

  • Delivered solution

  • Relevant SAP Notes


Legal changes recap

Besides the expected changes covered in the Provisional Measure 927/2020, were also included in the Provisional Measures 1.045 and 1.046/2021 the following:

  • Payment deferment value related to Severance Premium Reserve Fund (FGTS) during the months of April, May, June and July. It is also possible to proceed with those payments in 4 installments as of September 2021.

  • Suspension of administrative requirements in occupational health and safety.

  • Creation of the New Emergency Program for Protection of Labor and Income (Novo Programa Emergencial de Manutenção do Emprego e da Renda), for 120 days, counting from its publication onward.

  • Possibility to deduct the amount related to anticipation of non-compensated vacation, in case of employee resignation.


Delivered solution

Previously, the system already enabled the anticipation of vacation and its negative balance calculation, through the values stored in infotype 2006. On the other hand, was not possible to deduct the respective value from the employee.

From now on, once the deduction from vacation balance is optional, each company will be able to decide whether the amount will be deducted from the payoff or not.


This deduction will only happen in case the employee has decided to resign. Also, this deduction is optional, and only non-compensated vacation or non-compensated vacation plus 1/3 (one third) will be considered.


To accomplish the legal determination, two SAP Notes were released. One of them is a consulting SAP Note, which contains instructions to enable you to create your own wage types. This solution will allow you to deduct from the payoff the amount related to these negative vacation days, if the employee decides to resign.


SAP Notes

3067299 - MP 1046/2021 - Deduction of negative vacation balance

3059617 - Provisional Measure Nº 1046: Anticipation of individual vacations - Updates



For more information about the legal changes related to COVID-19 and its impact in SAP solution, see the blog post HCM Brasil: updates about COVID-19.


Stay tuned on upcoming publications, any news about this process that will impact the system will be informed previously through blog posts and publications on Announcement of Legal Change app via SAP ONE Support Launchpad.

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All the best,

Janaína Ferreira