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In our last blog New Fiori Apps for HCM we talked about the three new HCM apps which were delivered as part of SAP Fiori for SAP ERP HCM 1.0 with Fiori wave 7. In addition to the new apps, wave 7 also includes revamped versions 2 of the previously delivered HCM apps. These versions 2 reflect the customer feedback and additional requirements we have received for the six existing apps.

What is new in version 2 in comparison to version 1? Let's go through each of the six apps.

1. My Leave Request

The previous version of My Leave Request only supported absences (IT2001). But we heard from a number of customers that they are using Leave Requests not only for absences, but also for attendances such as Training or Business Trips. We added this capability was added in version 2 so that My Leave now supports attendances as well as absences.

Enhancement package 7 delivered some enhancements for the Leave Request. These enhancements are now also available for My Leave Requests. The app now offers the option to change the approver and to add and view attachments, e.g. upload a doctor's note. SAP enhancement package 7 of SAP ERP 6.0 SPS01 or higher is a prerequisite for these two features. Customers who are on a lower release can still use My Leave Requests Version 2, but they will not be able to use the approver change or attachments.

In the screenshot below, Approver and attachment fields in Create Leave Request are highlighted.

Attachments are also available in the Leave History.

In addition, some performance improvements were done in version 2.

2. My Timesheet

Version 2 offers the following key enhancements.

  • Direct launch of time entry view (elimination of initial monthly calendar)
  • Two week display on desktop and tablet, weekly display on a mobile device
  • One-step release of time entries (optional step)
  • One-step deletion of time entries Creation of time entries for a single day or multiple days in a single step
  • Copy function
  • Option to add a time entry as favorite as well as manage favorites (only available with SAP enhancement package 5 of SAP ERP 6.0 SPS05 or higher)
  • Performance improvements

This screenshot shows the 2-week view for desktop and tablet.

The same view for Apple iPhone 6

A time entry can be saved as favorite, either with times  or without times.

Just like a worklist item, a favorite can then be used for subsequent time recordings.

3. My Paystubs

Version 2 displays the pay period and the pay date.

4. My Benefits

There are no UI changes in version 2 of My Benefits.

5. Approve Leave Requests

Version 2 offers the ability to view attachments (only available with  SAP enhancement package 7 of SAP ERP 6.0 SPS01 or higher) as well as performance improvements.

6. Approve Timesheets

Version 2 provides the following enhancements

  • Mass approvals: Option to select single or multiple time entries for an employee for approval or rejection
  • Percentage of completion replaced by sum of hours submitted for approval
  • Check boxes for each item allowing to approve, reject, or postpone the decision
  • Display already approved/rejected entries for the week
  • View details for each of the rejected time entries or for the time entries that are changed after approval
  • Details for each time entry

Want to learn more about the HCM Fiori apps?

Additional information is available here

To learn more about the 9 HCM apps, join the ASUG webinar 'What's New with HCM Fiori' on March 10, 2015 12:00 PM 1:00 PM (ET).

You can register for the webinar at https://www.asug.com/events/detail/Whats-New-With-HCM-Fiori