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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
SAP Central Business Configuration is a new tool that will make it possible to configure a business process spanning different SAP solutions from one central place. SAP Central Business Configuration supports the configuration of SAP S/4HANA Cloud, but aims at seamless implementation of end-to-end business processes across SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise Suite.

It provides a new project experience, allowing scoping, Organizational Structure, configuration and  other project activity handling. This will replace the current implementation approach via the Manage your solution app in the realize phase.

This Blog post will be focused on the Simplified Organizational Structure in CBC. Creating an Organizational Structure in CBC allows to to easily create and adapt your company’s organizational structure



The organizational setup will be done in an Organization Structure App. Customers will need to specify all relevant parameter for every organizational entity and will also be provided with a graphical/tabular overview of the organizational structure.

Key features:

  • Graphic view – graphical, scope-dependent, and guided creation of organizational units

  • Table view – all Organization units are listed in a table

  • Both Graphic and Table view has simplified view where suggestions for subsequent entities creation are no longer visible.

  • Unconfirmed units can be easily changed and deleted.

  • Checks in place to make sure all mandatory Organization units based on the selected scope have been created

  • Check that all Organization hierarchies contain the relevant Organization entities                (For example, every plant requires at least one storage location if logistics is in scope)

  • Check that all required relationships are set up                                                                        (For example, every Distribution Chain requires at least one plant to be assigned)


Creation of Organizational Units

In order to create Plant for company code, directly click on the Plant in the graphical mode

or in Tabular format click on Plant.

For the company code IN00, Choose Create Plant, and enter the following values in the panel that opens on the right side of the screen.

  • ID: IN01

  • Name: West Side

  • Country/Region: IN

Choose Create.


Plant ‘IN01’ created

Further entities and their relations/assignments can be created using the suggestions in the Organization Structure app, or from the right-hand side panel, following the recommendation of Organization units under Additional Relations section

It is also possible directly in the Organizational Structure app to enter and save the addresses for already created organizational entities. To do so, select one existing entity and on the right-hand side the Address panel appears in edit mode along with a Save button


Confirm Organizational Structure Set up


Confirming Organizational structure results in following activities

Benefits of Organizational Structure with CBC


This blog post should help you to understand in detail on the Simplified Organizational Structure in CBC.

Thanks for reading this blog post, hopefully the blog post was informative.